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page four unrelated jeffries

the Jeffries page of unrelated notes. the Jeffries page of unrelated notes. hope you find something you can use.

find on this page

  • Preston county wv., little Sandy Meeting House. church records

  • Edmond Jeffreys
  • Nancy Jeffreys
  • Celia Jeffreys
  • Emily Jeffreys
  • Elizabeth Jeffreys
  • Benjamin Jeffreys
  • Elizabeth Jeffreys, of Amos
  • Church Records brandonville Wv. 1853

    First census of the united states.

    William Jefferies no of whites 7 no of black 5










    Virginia 1782. heads of family.

    Essex co.


    Greensville co.


    Mecklenburg co.


    Halifax co.


    Fauquier co.Pensioners 1840




    Pennsylvania.(from History of Allegheny co. pen.)