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the Richards page

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363066_468beatyogiiac3.gifThis page is for the Richards side of the family, Starting with Jacob Reichart (Richards) Germany 1725.

Any place you see two people of the same name getting married. it is not an error. they are cousins.

I will start this with George Washington Richards sr. Born rockingham co.VA. in 1759.

George was married to Catherine Bush in Harrison co. VA/WV july 30,1788. George and Catherine were the parents of 11 children

Isaac Richards, born 1789

George Washington Richards jr. bn.1790. married Elizabeth Coburn.

John Richards bn.1794, married to Nancy Taylor

Benjamin Richards bn.1796 .married Priscilla Jones.

William Richards . bn. 1800 married 1st Sarah***? 2nd. Margaret Woodside.3rd.Nancy Calhoun 4th.Elizabeth Calhoun.

Michael Richards bn.1804 married. caroline Wilson

Jacob Richards. bn.1808 married 1st. Ruth Jones 2nd Drusilla A. Jackson

Elias Coleman Richards bn.1810 married Sarah Ellen Jones

James Richards bn.1812. married Eleanor Six.

Judge Nelson Richards bn.1814 married Mahala Jones

catherine "Katy" Richards bn 1816 married George six.

(A)>George Richards jr. married Elizabeth Coburn she born 179? .they lived on Rock Camp rd. in Ritchie Co. WV. their children.

Henry Richards

John Richards.

George Richards.


Eliza Richards bn.1820

(B).John Richards married Nancy Taylor of Culpepper co.VA. John was a soldier in the war of 1812. drafted in the fall of 1812 discharged in the spring of 1813. drafted again in the Aug. of 1814. and discharged Feb.22.1816. fall of 1814 , he was transferred from the 6th regiment with Capt. Steed, to the 5th regiment with Capt. John Hamond.

John and Nancy's children

Edith Catherine




John jr.(my great grandfather)

Albert Coil


Adonijah (Agy)

Children of GeorgeWashington Richards jr.

Isaac richards bn.1815 m. Ellan richards (his cousin).

Eliza richards bn.1820 married to nimrod Cross

Henry Richards bn 1826

Mary B. richards bn.1828 married to Kenner B. Jones

John Richards bn 1830 married to Lydia Price

George richards. bn 1831 married to Catherine Oliphant

Children of John richards ('s son)

born 1794 married to nancy Taylor.

1.Eady (Edith) catherine richards bn 1825

2.Edmond richards bn 1826 married to Delile????

3.James Richards bn 1829. married to Nancy Boice

4.Isaac Richards bn 1833. married 1st Nancy J. Hopkins Martin. 2nd. Margaret A. Ambrose

5. John Richards Jr. bn 1834 married to Patience Boice.

6.Albert Coil Richards bn.1835

7.robert richards bn. 1837

8. Adonojah "AGY" richards bn 1842 married to Elizabeth Collins

children of Benjamin richards bn 1796 married to Priscilla Jones.

1.Catherine richards bn 1829.

2.George Washington Richards bn 1831 married to Elizabeth Elder. 2nd marriage to ???Peck.

3.sarah Richards bn 1832

4.benjamin f. richards bn 1835. married to Nancy S. Cross.

william Richards. bn 1800. married to 1st sarah.2nd Margaret Woodside.3. Nancy Calhoun .4. Elizabeth Calhoun. Michael Richards bn 1804. married to caroline wilson.

Jacob Richards bn 1808 married 1st to Ruth Jones. 2nd to Drusilla A. Jackson.

Elias Coleman richards bn 1810, Married Sarah Ellen Jones.

James Richards. bn 1812. married Eleanor six.

Judge Nelson richards bn 1814 married Mahala Jones

Catherine "KATY" Richards bn 1816. married George six.

Jacob Richards--George Washington Richards sr.-- George Washington jr. 1790 and Elizabeth Coburn --Isaac richards bn 1815 married to Ellan richards, their children

1. sylvester Richards

2.Benjamin J. Richards.

3. william S. Richards.

4.Granville richards

5.Elethe Richards

7.Rebecca Richards

8.Sarah Richards

9.Alla Richards

10.Almira Richards

11.Eleanor Richards

12.Elias Richards

Eliza Richards daughter of G.W. Richards jr. bn 1820 married to Nimrod Cross.their children

1.G.W. Cross

2.John Cross

3.Mary Cross married to John Elder

4.Susan Cross. married to ??Elder

5.Katherine Cross .married to William Cunningham.

6.Nancy Cross married to George Jeffries. son of Aaron William Jeffries.

7 Martha Cross. married to Bent Prunty

8.???.married to Thomas Hamrick.

Henry Richards 1826 son of G. W. jr.

Mary B. Richards bn 1826 daughter of G.W. jr. married to Kenner B. Jones. children

1.Elizabeth Catherine Jones .married to William B. Oates

2.Temperence Jones 1863 .

3.Robert Calvin Jones married Jelia Annas Hogue

4.William Jones, married Harriett Lenore Hogue

5.John S. Jones married Columbia Jones.

6.Festus Jones married Fanie Jeffries. Daughter of George Jeffries and Nancy Cross.

7. Marshall B. Jones married Mary C. Elder.

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The children of John Richards bn 1794 (Jacob1)-(George sr.2)-and Nancy Taylor

(1).Eady edith Catherine richards B. 1825

(2).Edmon Richards bn.1826 married Delile??? children of Edmon and Delile

(A).Daniel B.Richards

(B).Nelson Richards

(C).Joseph Richards

3.James Richards bn.1829 married Nancy Boice. their children.

(A).Jennings J. Richards

(B).thos. U. Richards

(c).Granville Richards

4.Isaac Richards bn. 1833. married 1st.Nancy J. Martin. 2nd.Margaret A. Ambrose.

5.John Richards Jr. bn 1834. married Patience Boice.

6.Albert Coil Richards. bn 1835.

7.Robert Richards. bn 1837

8.Adonojah Agy richards. bn 1842. Married Elizabeth Collins. their children .

(A).Franklin richards. married Sarah Ellen Richards

(B).Harmon Richards

(C).Elizabeth Richards

(D).John Richards.

(8b).(Jacob.1)-(G.W.2)-the family of Benjamin Richards bn 1796. married Priscilla Jones. their children

(A).Catherine Richards bn 1829

(B).George Washington Richards. bn. 1831. married 1st Elizabeth Elder. their children.

(a).Louise Richards

(b).Irvin Richards. married Joanne Wells

(c).rebecca Richards

(d).Noah Richards. married Alice Wells

(e).Zebedee W. Richards

(f).B.W. Richards

(g).George W. Richards

(h).Joseph Richards.

(B).George Washington Richards bn 1831 married 2nd.?????peck

(C).Sarah Richards bn. 1832

(D).Benjamin F. Richards. bn 1835 married Nancy S. Cross. their children

(Da).J.A. Richards

(Db)Lee Richards

(Dc).Clark F. Richards


(De).Hallie Richards

(Df).Kitty Richards. married ???Fullick

(Dg)Hattie Richards married ?????Prim

(Dh).Catherine Richards married J.A.Drummond.

(Di)>Benjamin F.Richards jr.3rd

(E).Jacob Richards bn 1838. married Jemima Cross. their children

(E1)Zachariah Richards

(E2).Andrew Richards

(E3).Eliza L. Richards

(E4).Rachel Richards

(E5).Alpheus Richards

(E6).Waitman Richards

(E7).Walter Richards

(F).Elias Coleman Richards bn 1842. married Elizabeth Poole ,their children

(F1).Ardena L. Richards

(F2).Grace Agnus Richards

(F3).Martha A. Richards

(G).Mahalia Richards bn.1846 ,married John W. McGill

(H).Clarinda Richards bn 1848

(I).Indiana Jane Richards bn 1851 married 1st.George W. Jones. their children.

(I1).thomas Sollers Jones. married Virginia Jane Ruley

(I2).George W. Jones jr. married Delphia???

(IB).Indiana Jane Richards bn 1851. married 2nd. George Miller. their children.

(IB1).Irvin Miller

(IB2).Reuben Miller

(IB3).Rose Miller. married ????McCloud

(Jacob1)-(G.W. 2)-William Richards bn 1800. married 1st Sarah ??? children

(1).George S. Richards bn 1824. married 1st.rebecca Rollins. children

(A)..William Richards Married md. C.E.Goodwin

(B)>Julia Richards . married George W. Rollins

(1).George s.Richards bn 1824 married 2nd. Catherine Shrader. children

(A).Pesey Richards

(B).Malipa Richards

George S. Richards bn 1824 married 3rd. Elizabeth shrader. children

(A).Rebecca Richards

(B).Louden Richards bn 1825. married Elizabeth Rollins. children.

(B1).James Richards

(B2).Jane Richards

(B3).Marsha Richards

(B4).Harvey Richards

(C).David Richards bn 1826. married Catherine Richards. children,

(C1).Jacob Richards . married Emeretta Stanley

(C2).James Spencer Richards. married Sabina Rollins

(C3).Martha E. Richards

(C4).Harvey Richards, married Emeline Curry

(C5).Joseph W. Richards

(C6).Louden Richards

(C7).Alcinda Richards

(D).Ellen Richards bn 1829 married Catherine Richards

(E).Lucinda Richards bn 1835. married James Rollins

(F).William A. Richards bn 1839. married Margaret

(Jacob 1-G.W.2).William Richards bn 1800 married 2nd. Margaret Woodside. children

(A).Herbert Richards .bn 1849.

William Richards bn 1800. married 3rd.Nancy Calhoun

William Richards bn 1800. married 4th.Elizabeth J. Calhoun.

(Jacob. 1)-(G.W.2) Michael Richards. bn 1804. married Caroline Wilson. children.

(A).Nelson Richards. bn 1832. married Mary Jane Wilson.

(B).Wilson Michael Richards bn. 1835. married Mary Jane Hunt

(C).Eli S. Richards bn.1837. married Adeline Taylor

(D)William Wesley Richards bn 1840

(E)Henderson thomas Richards bn 1841. married Rachel Norman

(F)Catherine Elizabeth Richards bn 1843. married Henry Merritt

(G).Sarah Richards bn 1843 married Lewis Hickman.

(H).Mary ann Richards bn 1845. married ????Goldsmith.

(I).John M. Richards bn 1848. married Christiana Wilson

(J).Granville B. Richards bn. 1850 .married Mary Jane Wilson

(K).James M. Richards bn 1852.l married 1st Nancy E. Jones

(K).James M. Richards bn 1852.married 2nd.Martha Jane Griffith

(L).Amy Richards bn1855 married.Jerome Smith

(M).Nancy Evaline Richards bn.1857

(N).Louisa Richards. bn 1860. married Lafayette Jones

(Jacob1)-(G.W.2)-(Michael3).(A). Nelson Richards bn 1832 .married Mary Jane Wilson. children

(1).Calvin W.(Bubb)Richards. married Malinda Leeson

(2).Vetta Florence Richards. married Henry Snider

(3).James Frank Richards. married Bertha Cox

(4).Emery V.Richards.

(5).Rose Lee Richards. married Henry Norman

(6).George B.Richards. married Mary Norman

(7).Mike Richards married Viola Norman

(8).Missouri Anne Richards. married Frank Cox

(9).W. Hamilton (Dock)Richards..married Addie Thomas

(Jacob1)-(G.W.2)-(Michael3)(B).Wilson Richards 1835. married Mary Jane Hunt. children

(1).James Wesley Richards. married Barbara E. Bunner

(2).Martha Ellen Richards

(3).Charles Richards .married Laura B. Burrows

(Jacob1)-(G.W.2)-(Michael3)(C). Eli S. Richards bn 1837 married Adeline Taylor. children

(1).John F. Richards married 1st .Caroline Richards. 2nd.Safrona Elder Cunningham

(2(.Stevenson Forbes Richards. married susanna (Barry)Middleton

(3).Sarah Richards. married William G. Martin

(4).Caroline Richards

(5).Lydia Margaret Richards. married Edward Wilson

(6).Jackson Richards. married Docia fluharty

(7).William sandy Richards. married Allice (Allie)(8).Louise Norman

(9).REV. Sylvester Richards. married Barbara Richards

(D). William Wesley Richars bn.1840

(Michael 3)-(E).Henderson Thomas Richards bn1841, Rachel Norman .children.


(2).Malissa Richards

(3).Ulysses G. Richards

(4).Addison Richards

(5).Carolline C. Richards married John Richards

(6).Catherine Richards

(7).Henry B. Richards married Mary Malvina Richards

(8).Rutherford B. Richards married Ingaby Jones

(9).George Washington Richards. married Icy Cunningham

(10).Isabel Richards. married Alva Leeson

(11).Loman Richards married Trinia Jones

(12).Edna Richards married lee Myers

(13).Icy richards married Claud wilson

(14).Della Richards

(15).Beryle richards married Gail Richards

(16).Michael Richards

(17).Cline Richards

(18).Alva Richards

(19).Grant Richards

(20).Pearl Richards married dorsey Blair

(22). Frances Richards md.Adeline Richards

(21).Jane richards married William Leeson

).(Michael3)--(F).Catherine Elizabeth Richards bn 1843 married Henry Merritt. children

(1).Perry Merritt

(G).Sarah Richards Hickman

(H).Mary Ann md.???Goldsmith

(Michael 3)--(I).John Richards and Christiana Wilson .children.

(1).Rachel Richards (Michael 3).--(J).Granville B. Richards and Mary Jane Wilson.children.

(1)Alpheus Seymour Richards. married Rulena Bell Gaston

(2).Edward Hamilton Richards marrid Louise Gaston

(3).William Richards married Janey Leggett

(Michael 3)-(K).-James M. Richards and Nancy Jones children.

(1).Rose E. Richards. married Waitman Fluharty

(2).Mary E. Richards married Charles Snider

(Jacob 1)-(G.W. 2)-(Jacob 3)-Lovina Richards bn 1834 married 1st.William H.Minear.

Jacob Minear

W.H. Minear. married Harriet Davis

(Jacob 3)- lovina Richards 2nd.Eli Cunningham. children

????? married Cunningham

?????married Evens

(Jacob 3)-William W. Richards. bn 1838 married Mary Elder. children

Oliver Richards

Robert S. Richards

(Jacob 3)-Nancy Jane Richards bn 1843. married Hiram Knight. children

Lafe M. Knight

M.L. Knight

Jacob A. Knight

Rosa B. Jackson

John O. Knight

Mary Knight. married Christopher Cottrill

(Jacob 3)-Benjamin L. Richards bn 1851. married 1st.Amy Conway.children

Josephine Richards

Creed Richards. married Carrie E. Thomas

susan V. Richards

Jacob L. Richards

Cyrus H. Richards

Engle Richards

Hosea Richards

Eunice Richards

(Jacob 3)--Rachel L. Richards. bn 1853. married Taylor Lamm. children

Charles Lamm

Jasper Lamm

Florence Elifritts

Grace May Lamm

Ira Maywood Lamm. married Ada Bernice Mullenax

(Jacob 3)--Margaret Adeline Richards bn 1855. married James Elder. children

Lonnie Elder

Alven Elder

Amos Elder

????? married Ica Kidd

Ethel Elder married ????Cunningham

(Jacob 3)--Barbara Richards bn .1858 married Harrison Lamm. children

Waitman T. Lamm

Rosillie Lamm. married Granville Dodd

Elsworth Lamm

Virgil Lamm

Laken Lamm

Clay Lamm

Albert Lamm

Floy Lamm married Jesse Jasper Hogue

Ethel Lamm married Benjamin Taylor

Pearl Lamm. married Wilbur Zinn

(Jacob 1)--(G.W. 2)--Elias Coleman Richards bn 1810 md.Sarah Ellen Jones.children

Minerva Richards bn John C. Riddle. children

Jane Riddle.

Eli riddle married Sarah E. Parrish

Virginia riddle

Millard F. riddle

Alpheus V. riddle. married Arrena Cottrill

Elias Riddle

Mary Louise riddle. married charles Henry Ramsey

Ulysses G. riddle

John C. Riddle

Minerva Richards bn 2nd.Ezra Oates children.

Creed Oates

Edwin Leeman Oates md.1st Angeline Thomas, 2nd.Blanche Freeman

Josiah W. Oates. married Rachel Connors

Kesiah ruth Richards. bn 1838. md.James Sanford Elder. children

Sarah Ann Elder. md.Wesley Dotson

James Elder. married 1st.???Hodge.. 2nd????Mahaney

Morris B. "DOC" Elder

William Kessler Elder. md. 1st. Mae Stewart. 2nd.????

Eliza Elder .md. John tuning

Minerva Elder.. md..Granville Cottrill

Mary Elder. md..Lee Dodd

Jesse I. Richards. bn 1840. md. 1st.Sarah Stewart. children

George Washington Richards. md..Eliza Elizabeth Dotson

Dan Richards

Rebecca Richards Newton Cottrill

Jesse I. Richards. Jane Elder. children

James Richards. md..???Cox

Crumrine Richards

Albert Richards. md..????Martin

Tom Richards. md..Versena Dotson

Lodema richards. md...General Grant Cross

Alice Richards. md..????Rollins

Francis Marion Richards. bn 1842. md. ann Elder

Elijah Richards. bn 1844

Benjamin Richards. bn. 1848

Priscilla Richards. bn 1848

Eli Richards. bn 1850. married Ellen Elder. children

Samantha Bell Richards. md..John A. Cambell

Lucy Richards

John Elder Richards

Sarah Ellen Richards. md..Franklin Richards

Virginia Priscilla Richards. married. M.D. McCroskey

Eliza Ann. Richards. md..Brooks McGill

Martin Hugh Richards

Playford Richards md..Anna Taylor

Lemuel Marvin Richards

Hettie Grace Richards . md..????Collins

Sylvia Pearl Richards md.????Tanner

David Coral Richards md...Mayme Hall

William Richards bn 1854

Martha Ann Richards bn 1856. married Alex M. McIntire. children.

George McIntire

Coleman Elias Richards. bn 1858. md. Mary Catherine Miller. children

Sarah Viola Richards . Md. James Bush Hayden

Dora Ellen Richards. md. Fred Mitchell

Martha Rebecca Richards. md. Clarence Augustus Wiley

Fulton Harrison Richards. md.. Georgie Lee Butcher

Trevy Morton Richards. md..Eunice Olive Orr

Ive Maud Richards .md..Clyde Burns

Earl Coleman Richards md..Floy Pitts

Pearl Margaret Richards md..Newt Samples

Frank Audrey Richards . md.. Kathleen Paulline Heller

Forrest Dale Richards. md..Louie Pauline Heller

Orin Glen Richards md..Dora Lee Gibson

Arthur Arden Richards. md..1st .Strossie May Lake. 2nd. Minnie J. Pagel

Samuel Floyd Richards. bn 1863. md. Sarah Harriett Dotson.children.

Myrtle Gay Richards

Harvey Richards. md..Margaret Elder

Alpha Wesley Richards

(Jacob 1)--(G.W. 2)--James Richards bn 1812. md .Eleanor six. children.

Mary Jane Richards bn 1836

George W. Richards. bn 1838

Charles W. Richards bn. 1846

(Jacob 1)--(G.W. 2)--Judge Nelson Richards. bn 1814 .md..Mahala jones..children

Mary C. Richards. bn 1850. md ???Trainer

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