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the family of Nathan Jeffries from Chester co. Pennsylvania. to Monroe co.Ohio

Nathan Jeffries born May 6 1741 East Bradford Penn. Married 1762 to Peninah Wall Strobe. Nathan died in East Bradford. Chester co.Pa. their descendents.

<01>William Jefferies born 1763 married to unknown Wiggins. their children

William Jeffries born 1781 PA.Robert Jefferies born 1785 married June 16 1817 Belmont co. Ohio to Jane Scott.Taylor Jeffries born 1787John Jefferies born.1789, married to Sarah?? Patience Jeffries born 1792 married 1829 to John Kean Patience died July 18 1875 . Monroe co.Ohio.Hugh Jefferies. born 1794 died b4 1850 Holmes co.Ohio.Elizabeth Jefferies born 1804 Martha Jefferies born 1806

<02>Elias Jefferies. born 1760 Chester co.Pa. married 1780 Chester co.Pa. Elizabeth Woodward .Elias died 1841 Fayette co.Pa.their children.

(A).Caleb Jefferies 1783,Fayette co. PA.

(B).Nathan Jefferies b.1785 Chester co. PA.

child of Nathan,

1.Elias Jefferies b.1812, married 1832, moore, Elias died, 1877 German twp Fayette co. PA.

(C).Ann Jefferies, 1812,Chester co. PA. married, 1814, Vail ,Ann died Fayette co, PA.,Daughter,

1.Elizabeth Vail. b.1814, Fayette co. PA

(D).Elizabeth Jefferies b. 1789 Chester co. PA. Married wiggens, Elizabeth died 1841 Fayette co. PA.

Children of Elizabeth and Wiggens,

P 1. Basil Wiggins 1822

2.Margaret Wiggins 1825 Fayette co Pa.

3.Elizabeth Wiggins, b.1828, Fayette co. Pa.

(E).Elias Jefferies, Sept.5,1791, Chester co. PA. M.march 3 1814, in Menallen twp Fayette co, Pa, to Deborah Jackson, b july 22, 1795. Menallen twp Fayette co. Pa. Daughter of Abraham Jackson and Susan Thompson, d. 30 jan. 1884. Center twp Monroe co. OHio, buried Mt Carrick Cem. Center twp Monroe co. Ohio, Elias died aug. 27, 1869, Center twp Monroe co. Ohio, buried Mt Carrick Cem. Center twp Monroe co. Ohio., children of Elias and Deborah Jackson,

(1).Nancy Jane Jeffers, Dec.1 1814, Menallen twp Fayette co. Pa. to Jesse Jackson Stephens, b.aug.24 1809, Menallen twp Fayette co. Pa, son of David Stephens and Rachel Rebecca Jackson,Buried Neuhart , Center twp Monroe co. Ohio,Nancy died Dec. 18,1900,Center twp Monroe co. Ohio, buried Neuhart, Center twp, Monroe co. Ohio.

(2).Sarah Jeffers, b. 25 sept. 1816, Center twp. Monroe co. Ohio, m. 1834 in center twp Monroe John Craig. b,1813, Pa. son of David Craig, and Barbara Bruce, d. July 1854, Bethel twp Monroe co. Ohio, Sarah died 25 june 1900, Franklin twp Monroe co. Ohio, buried Hines Chapel, Franklin twp Monroe co. Ohio.

(3).Taylor Jeffers, b. 12 oct, 1818, Center twp Monroe co. Oh. m. (1). 1859, Lydia Ann Mobberly, b. apr. 1830,d.oct. 3 1905 center twp Monnroe co. Ohio.buried Neuhart Cem. (2). 1842 to Lavina Minor, b. 1818 Monroe co. Ohio, d, 27, Jan.1857.

(4).Elias Jeffers, b. dec. 1819, d, june 27, 1846,

(5).Wilbur Abraham Jeffers, b. Dec. 22, 1822,,married Nov. 13. 1845, Margaret Minor. (6).Elizabeth Jeffers, b. 1825, m, 19 Dec. 1841, Alpheus J Eddy. Elizabeth died af. 1888, Barnesville, Warren twp, Belmont co Ohio.


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