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The Power of the Internet

The internet's importance has grown exponentially over the past ten years.  Modern technology in computer science has made communication much more easier than before.  The internet has increased the speed of communication world wide; in addition students can communicate to their parents much more faster than writing a letter, as well as accessing information relevant to their school courses, such as Physics information.

The computer has revolutionized the workplace, and continues to define technology in our era.  It's not just that computer technology has changed the way we live -- computers in the future will improve business, education integration and speed.  Not knowing how to use the internet these days is as grave a deficiency as illiteracy.  The Internet is fast becoming the world's primary means of communication and will soon carry more mail than the entire postal services worldwide; it now connects more people, resources, and services than any other communications system except for the telephone.  

It is an egalitarian, universal tool for communication among individuals, groups, and organizations locally as well as around the world, providing a new range of communication opportunities to the physically challenged.  The cost to publish is low to nothing -- anybody can put information on and anyone in the world can access it.  The delivery and analysis of current events information is fast on the web as well.

Commercially, the web is a one-to-many marketing tool, allowing businesses to communicate with others and opening heretofore unknown opportunities to small business proprietors.  As an important information resource, it can be searched through directories or indexes, or search engines.  As an education resource it is important for delivering courses and seminars (distance learning) to students locally and around the world.  The internet is also a good way of finding teaching advice and techniques, as well as a way of sharing what makes for learning success and failure.

The greatest achievement of the last decade is, hands down, the internet.