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This semester I immersed myself into an environment of African American scholarship, learning about the accomplishments of my people in the art world, literature, and politically. In my African American Literature class, I read authors worthy of the Western canon and saw myself reflected in their vivacious words. I discovered the world of postmodernist duality and identity in my African American art class, researching the lives of critically acclaimed leaders of the race. While I'm no science buff, I couldn't help feeling a bit disaffected with the absence of African American theorists and physicists in my Physics class. I decided to seek out those with the capacity of the scientific masters, and therein revealed a world hitherto shielded from my unquestioning consciousness: the reaffirmation of my self, and African American, in all fields of expression and scholarship.

I decided to create an accessible resource for all students interested in learning more about the often modestly acknowledged accomplishments of African American physicists. By utilizing the internet for my venture, I can update and add to the site, maintaining it as a means of chronicling even more physicists achieving great things.

Below are a listing of African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering. The studying and heeding the accomplishments of the past and present can serve as pathfinders to present and future engineers and scientists. African American have made contributions to the various fields of science that tend to go unrecognized by the historic record in general. Describing the scientific history of selected African American men and women highlights the efforts of individuals who have advanced human understanding in the world around us. 

Edward Alexander Bouchet  Meredith C. Gourdine 
George R. Carruthers  Shirley Ann Jackson
Katherine G. Johnson Roscoe L. Koontz 
Louis W. Roberts  Herman Branson