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Watermark tutorial

Watermarking Tutorial

Watermarking is actually very simply and only requires a few steps. First open the image you wish to watermark. Now if you don't already have a watermark signature you will need to make one. So let's do that first.

Open a new images with the below settings.

Now select your shapes tool and set it as shown below.

Make sure your foreground color is black in the color palette (#000000)and place your cursor at 150,100 and make your ellipse shape, or make it rectangular if you like, or circular or square. Remember this is your watermark and you can make it any way you want, you don't have to follow this tutorial exactly.

Now select your text tool and place your cursor in the center again and type your name. Please use a large and thick font, it gives much better results than small and thin fonts.

Now you will most definitely want to resize this unless you have a very large graphic to watermark. So go to Image/Resize and resize your watermark as shown below.

Now I played around with this and I found that I needed to get rid of the area behind the ellipse, so take your magic wand and set it for the below settings and select the background of your image.

Now go to Selections/Invert and only the ellipse with your name inside will be selected.

Ok, now your watermark will look similar to this:

Now go to Edit/Copy. Now open the image you wish to watermark and go to Edit/Paste as New Layer. At this point you can place your cursor on your watermark and drag it to the area you want it. It will still be black and white. So go to Image/Other/Emboss. Now ONLY your watermark will be embossed, not the entire image.

Ok, now down in your layers palette, there is some options, you want to change this to Soft Light as shown in the below example:

Now if you like you are still able to move the watermark around and place it where you want. When it is on the graphic where you want it, go to Layers/Merge all (flatten) and save your final result giving you something similar to this:

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