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PSP Layers 2

Layers page 2

Ok, here we go! Go to Layers/Add new layer and name it Base

Now you want to place some tubes on there for the animation. I am using the Sparkle white tube which can be installed the same way as you did the Fairy 8 tube, unzip it to your PSP Tubes folder, open it in PSP, export as picture tube. While on the Base layer, add some of the stars here and there at different Scales so some are big and some are smaller. Now save this image as Fairy2.jpg

Now go to Layers/Duplicate and duplicate the Base layer.

Now select your Base layer and go to Layer/Duplicate and it will make another layer!

Are you having fun yet? Good, now add some more stars. This allows you to see the image behind it so you won't place the stars in the same place.

Now save this image as Fairy3.jpg

Almost there! Now go to your Background layer and click it. Go to Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as New layer. Add some more tubes in different places and save this as Fairy4.jpg

Ok, now hopefully you are still with me and haven't bailed out yet. I'm trying real hard to make this as easy to understand as possible. now we are going to finish up by going to the last part of this tutorial, please press here