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PSP 5.03 Layers

Layers with PSP

First lets explain what a layer is and what it actually does. By placing layers over your original image, it protects the original while allowing you to make changes to new layers above it. Like laying a transparent sheet of plastic over you image and drawing on the plastic. You can lift the plastic up and still see the original without altering it in any way. Also allowing you to copy certain layers and saving them. Allowing you to rotate and filter newly added images without disturbing the background. There are many ways to use layers, this tutorial only covers a few.

This is going to be a long tutorial with many steps, please be sure you look at the control screen shots carefully especially when a problem occurs. First go find yourself a tube, I'm using one of Carissa's tubes called Fairy 8. Download your tube and unzip it into your PSP Tubes folder. Now open PSP, go to File/Open and browse to your Tubes folder. When you find Fairy 8 or the tube of your choice, open it. Now go to File/Export/Picture tube. Use the below settings and hit Ok:

Now open a new image by going to File/New and use these settings:

Now select your tubes tool and tab down until you find the Fairy 8 tube and click on it as shown below:

Now with your white background open, go to Layers/New and add a new layer.

Now place your cursor in the center of your white background, at 125, 125 and left click and it will place your tube on the white background. By adding a new layer, this allows you to select your mover tool and move the image around on the white background. If you would not have added a new layer, you would not have been able to move it.

Ok, next you want to go to Layers/Merge all(flatten) because to make this animated you must do everything to the image NOW like add borders or resize. I just added three borders, texturized with Sandstone and used Eye Candy Inner Bevel on the first and third border. The first and third borders were 5 pixels, and the middle was 10 pixels. Ok, at this point this is what you should have:

Now save this image as Fairy1.jpg

Now let's move on the the next part of this tutorial, please click here.