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PSP5 Globe Tutorial/Part 2

Globe Tutorial Part 2

Step 11: Go to Layers/Merge All(Flatten). Next steps involve highlighting your globe.

Step 12: Select your Magic Wand, use these settings and select the white background:

Step 13: Go to Selections/Invert so the ants are only around your globe.

Step 14: Go to Image/Effects/Cutout and use these settings:

Step 15: Go to Selections/Invert. Then to Image/Effects/Drop shadow and use these settings:

Step 16: Selections/Select None. Add a new Layer, (Layers/New) and name reflection. Choose your shapes tool, use these settings:

Step 17: Make a circle slightly smaller than you want your reflection to be. Then select your Magic Wand to select just the white circle and go to Selections/Modify/Expand and expand 10 pixels.

Step 18: Now go to Image/Blur and apply a Gaussian Blur with these settings:

Step 19: Ok, you're almost done. Go to Layers/Merge All(Flatten). Select your Magic wand and choose the white background. Go to Selections/Invert. Now your ants are only around your globe.

Step 20: Go to Image/Plugins/Eye Candy/Perpective shadow. I used these settings:

Giving you the final result:

Graphic used in this tutorial is from:

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