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WWF: No mercy rules and regulations


1. When joining the fed, please use only real wrestlers from the past of present. Please, no dead wrestlers.

2. Not every wrestler in the world is in the game, No mercy, so if you want to join as somebody that's not in the game, please tell me how you want them to look and what moves you want them to have.

3. Email me with the wrestler you want to join up as. There is a limit of three wrestles per email address.

4. Indicate who your wrestler's manager is if he or she has one.


5. ANYTHING GOES! I don't care if you swear or anything, just don't kill other wrestlers or use them in your roleplays unless you have their consent.

6. You must roleplay at least twice a week. If not, you will be warned. If it happens again, you will suspended, then if it happens a third time, you will be fired.

7. There is no limit of how long your roleplays must be, but longer is always better. just do your best though.

8. The roleplay dealine is 3pm Pacific time on the day of the event. Anything psoted after that time will not be counted.

9. the more and better roleplays you do, the better chance you have of winner, but just remember that I can't choose who wins with No mercy, roleplaying good will just make the odds better.

My rules

10. Please, do not whine about losing. I hate whiners. Just ask me what you did wrong, and I'll gladly tell you.

11. I like a lot of roleplays, but don't post 20 three line roleplays in half an hour. I consider that spamming and will not be tolerated.

12. What ever you do, wherever you go in this fed, have fun. that's what I'm all about is having fun!