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No Mercy results

{The show opens with the PPV theme song "My War" by Black Flag blaring throughout the arena as fireworks shoot of in all directions. The camera pans accross the crowd and we can see many signs like "Black-Kick all Hindus!", "I just snapped!", and "Kurt's a pedophile. IT'S TRUE! IT'S TRUE!" Then out of nowhere, the silence is broken...} JR: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City for... NO MERCY! King: The Big Apple is in for a hell of a show tonight, JR! JR: You're damn right, King! We too major matches that will determine our first IC Champ and World Champion! King: the IC Title will be on the line first when Shane McMahon takes on Ken Shamrock. He's crazy! JR: Well, speaking of which, here comes Ken Shamrock now! This man looks ready to go here. He has a very serious look on his face. King: yeah but here comes his opponent, and my pick for our first IC Champ, Shane O'Mac! JR: Look at him dance like an idiot. he's so cocky! He makes me sick! King: AHH! I'm telling him you said that. *DING! DING!* JR: There's the bell! We are under way with our very first match. Shamrock charges Shane right off the bat, but Shane dodges and throws Shamrock to the outside. Look now! He's dancing around like a fool again! King: get on him, Shane. Don't let him catch his breath! JR: Shamrock is back in the ring now but Shane doesn't see him cause he's too busy taunting. What an idiot! Shamrock is right behind him! King: Don't turn around Shane! JR: Shane turns around... DDT! Shamrock just leveled Shane with a DDT. Shane gets right back up though and goes fater Shamrock but Shamrock catches Shane with a back breaker. What force he used on that back breaker! King: It's no wonder Shane's back isn't snapped in two! JR: Shane is back up after another strong move! He swings at Shamrock but Shamrock ducks and hits Shane with a Belly to Back Suplex! Shane's down and Shamrock knees him in the face! Ken Shamrock is showing Shane no mercy tonight! King: Well, he should! Shane is Vince McMahon's son! Good. Shane's back up. AHH! Shamrock just nailed him with a Belly to Belly Suplex! JR: What a move by Shamrock. This match has got to be almost... OH MY! Shane just caught Shamrock off gaurd with a low blow. Damn him! King: HAHA! Good job Shane. Hit him where it hurts! JR: That's sick! Shane is punching Shamrock in the face now, but Shamrock garbs Shane's leg and takes him down. He locks on a Leg Lock! Shane is in pain. he's trying to get to the ropes! King: Don't tap, Shane! JR: Shane has the ropes! King: YAHOO! JR: Shane's a damn lucky son of a gun cause this match could've been over right there. Both men are back up and Shane hits Shamrock with some stiff shots to the mouth. Shamrock swings at Shane and Shane catches Shamrock's arm and locks on an Arm bar. Shamrock just got out of it by smashing Shane's knees! What a ruthless man, Shamrock is! King: He needs to be if he wants to beat Shane! JR: Irish Whip now from Shamrock. Shane comes running back and is met by an elbow to his face. Shane is down! Shamrock just jumped on Shane and is now punching him in the head. King: get him off, ref! JR: Shamrock gets back up as does Shane. Shamrock goes for a kick but Shane catches his leg and boots his on the balls! DAMMIT! he did it again! King: *Sigh* I love that move. JR: Shane whips Shamrock into the corner. Now he's putting Shamrock into the Tree of Woe! Shane is kicking Shamrock while he's upside down in the midsection. King: but Shamrock got out. Shane runs at him and Shamrock dodges... german Suplex by Shamrock! He stays with the pin.... JR: 1...2..OH! Shane kicked out again! You may not like the guy but he does have heart. Both men are up and are now exchanging rights and lefts. Shamrock gets the upper hanfd and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. he stays with the pin... 1...2..Kickout again by Shane! Shamrock grabs Shane by the hair and brings him to his feet and delivers a Russian Leg Sweep! King: get him, Shane, you idiot! JR: Both men up again and exchanging shots. This time Shane gets the upper hand and drops Shamrock with a Clothesline. King: Good! Now finish him off, Shane! JR: Shane goes for a cover... 1...2.No way. Shamrock kicks out with ease. Shane will have to do a lot more than that to get he win here. Now he's taunting again! King: Now that's kind of stupid. Shamrock is back up! JR: Turns around and.... Running DDT from Shamrock! Shane never learns! King: Now Shane is up again and the two men are engaged in a staredown! JR: What a match! A great way to kick off our first event. The two men charge eachother and Shane slides through Shamrock's legs and boots him in the balls for a third time! King: X-Factor! 1...2...3! Shane wins! Shane is the IC Champion! YAHOO! JR: That's a crock and you know it! The only reason Shane won is because he's dirty. he hit Shamrock low three times, for Christ sakes! Well, Shamrock will have something to say about this. But let's get ready for the main event. King: This match will have Hardcore Rules! three men will put their bodies on the line for the World Title. JR: making their way to the ring first is Kurt Angle. he has is gold medals of course. King: he's my choice to win this match. I was right last time. I'm always right! JR: yeah... right... Anyway, here comes Edge with a huge reaction from the crowd. King: Edge is a glory hound! Look at him. He thinks he should be on top of everything. JR: Well, you may think that, but Edge is an awesome athelete. here comes another awesome athelete in Steve Blackman. He's got a kendo stick! King: Where's the wall? HAHA! JR: Very Funny, King. Blackman has one of the most devastating finishers in the Black-Kick. It's a basic karate kick, but it works so well. Maybe we'll get a chance to see it tonight. *DING! DING!* JR: HERE WE GO! Steve immediately throws Kurt over the top rope and Edge tackles Steve and begins pounding on his head. Kurt climbs back into the ring and is met by Edge and Blackman double teaming him into the corner. Kurt knocks down Blackman and hits a Running Neckbreaker on Edge. Kurt garbs Blackman and hits a Back breaker. Edge is back up and picks up Blackman. King: Edge just hit Blackman with an awesome Drop Kick! JR: I told you he was awesome, King! Kurt garbs Blackman out of the ring, then gets attacked by edge with a Clothesline. King: Edge attacked Kurt from behind. What a coward! JR: Hypocrite... BACK BREAKER BY EDGE TO KURT! What a move! Blackman is back in and grabs Edge and whips him into the ropes. Edge comes back and meets a Drop Toe Hold from Blackman. Kurt turns Blackman around and hits a belly to belly Suplex. King: What a move by kurt Angle. My Olympic Hero! JR: Kurt and Edge hit Blackman with a sweet Double Neckbreaker. Kurt kicks Blackman a bunch while he's down. A Cowardly act! King: Kurt ain't no coward! He just dropped Blackman with another Drop Toe Hold! JR: Kurt Angle is taunting in the middle of the ring! Edge Dropkicks Kurt in the back of the head! Edge just whipped Kurt into the corner. King: Edge is putting Kurt on the top rope! OH NO! JR: SUPERPLEX by Edge to Angle. What a move! Angle is down and not moving. Edge with a leg Drop! And a Splash! Angle must be a world of pain. Both Blackman and Edge are picking Kurt up... Double Piledriver! A devastating move there. King: Too bad they can't get along like that all the time. edge just threw Blackman out of the ring! JR: Kurt just got Edge with a Snap Mare! Kurt whips Edge into the ropes and Edge comes back with a Spear. He goes for the win. 1...2..Wait! A kickout by Kurt Angle. King: Kurt will never give up! JR: That was close! Blackman is back in now and he hits Edge with a huge Powerbomb. Kurt attacks Blackman and hist him with an Overhead belly to belly. Edge hits a belly to Back on Kurt. Blackman is back up and knocks down edge. He just locked the Triangle Hold on Kurt Angle! King: get tot he ropes, Kurt! JR: Kurt gets to the ropes. King: YES! Kurt just took out Edge with a back breaker and now he whips Edge into the ropes... JR: Sleeper Hold! Kurt catches edge with a Sleeper Hold! Edge looks like hes about to pass out but Blackman breaks the hold and punches edge in the face a few times until edge blocks a shot and hits another Back breaker. Blackman stands back up and Edge and Angle come from behind with a Double Bulldog! King: that move was sweet! Double teaming is my fighting style of choice. JR: Figures... Edge tries to take down Angle but wait.... King: OLYMPIC SLAM! JR: But Edge is smart and rolls out of the ring. King: He just grabbed a chair! JR: Business is about to pick up! Steve slaps Kurt in the mouth. Edge is back in the ring now, chair in hand. Kurt runs at him and Edge smacks Kurt over the head with the chair. Then he drops the chair and throws Kurt out of the ring and follows. Blackman is on the top rope! King: What's he up to? JR: He just jumped off! King: he hit Kurt with a knee drop to the outside. JR: OH MY GOD! This is getting crazy. Edge throws Kurt back in the ring. All three men are back in the ring now. Steve attempts to pick up Kurt but Kurt hits Blackman in the groin. What a cheap shot! Now Kurt hits a Belly to belly. And a double powerbomb from both Edge and Angle to Blackman. That move is a dealy one. I wouldn't be surprised if this match is over very soon. King: neither would I! JR: Edge just gave Blackman a Drop Kick! But Kurt just took out Edge from behing with a Snap Mare. Edge gets right back up and takes down Kurt. Edge then grabs Blackman and whips into the corner. Edge then runs after Blackman and hits him with a huge Drop Kick! King: Kurt's back up and throws both men out of the ring! HAHA! You show them, Kurt! JR: Now, Kurt is taunting the crowd. he should capitalize on the fallen men and attempt to win it right here. King: he's leaving the ring. Kurt picks up Blackman... OLYMPIC SLAM! YEAH! Kurt covers him...1...2..NO! That damn edge broke up the fall. JR: that was close! Edge almost didn't break it up in time. they all are in the ring again and Kurt tackles edge and begins to punch him in the head. Edge gets up and throws out Angle to the outside. Steve garbs edge but Edge gives Blackman a Tornado DDT. Blackman's head was just drove into the mat with a huge force. Edge is relentless here! Kurt is back in but he's met by Edge with a Drop Kick. Stve gets up and starts to stomp Kurt Angle. King: Now THAT is cheap! Don't tell me it's not, JR. JR: Kurt Angle deserves everything he gets, dammit! Kurt's gonna try for a German Suplex on Edge, but Edge flips over Kurt and kicks him in the ass. Blackman and Edge both give Kurt a Double Piledriver! OUCH! It's got to be over now. Blackman garbs Edge and throws him out of the ring. Kurt gets back to his feet but what's this? BLACK-KICK! King: NOOOOO! JR: Blackman goes for the win....1...2...3! Steve Blackman is our very first World Champion! King: Damn him! JR: What a night this was. Our first event saw two Champions crowned. King: Shane McMahon is our first IC Champion.... JR: and Steve Blackman is our first World Champion! What will Edge or Angle have to say about this? King: What about Ken Shamrock? I bet he'll be pissed at Shane! JR: Well, make sure you join us for SmackDown, our next event on Thursday. I'm Jim Ross, saying for me and Jerry "The King" Lawler, good night everybody!