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Twister Tag

Twister Tag

What you will need:
Paint Shop Pro
Filter Factory J
Distortion Filter - Crumple

Ok, when you have everything and get all your filters installed,
lets get started.

Open a new image 500 x 500 transparent.

Open a jpg image of your choice.

On your styles palette, select pattern,
and choose the jpg image you just opened.

Flood fill your transparent image with this pattern.

Now go to effects, distortion filter, crumple.

Next, go to effects, plugin filters, Filter Factory J, Blast 'Em! Blur.

Then go back to Filter Factory J and select Twister.

Now you can close your jpg image that we used for the fill.
We don't need it anymore.

Open a tube of your choice.

Go to edit, copy. Make your twister image active and paste as new layer.

Reposition if necessary then go to layers, merge, merge visible.

Select the lasso tool with these settings.

Make a zig zaggy selection around your image.

Then go to edit, copy. Then edit, paste as new image.

You can close your orginal image now. We no longer need it.

Next go to image, canvas size 500 x 500.

Select a color from your image and make it your foreground color.

Still using the lasso tool, change feather to 10.

Select a zig zaggy area around the outside of your image.

Add a new layer and flood fill the selection with the color you chose.

Uh oh, we covered up our image! No problem.

Go to layers, arrange, send to bottom. That's better, huh?

Selections, select none.

Go to your layer palette and reduce the opacity to about 80%.

Next go to effects, blur, gaussian blur and type in 15.

Layers, merge, merge visible.

Add a new layer.

Select the color you want for your text and set it as
the background color. Foreground, null.
Type your text and click ok.

Use your deformation tool to position and resize your text.

Go to effects, sharpen, sharpen.

Now go to effects, 3D effects, inner bevel.

Next, go to effects, 3D effects, drop shadow.

Selections, select none.

Layers, merge, merge visible.

Resize your image and save as jpg file.

I resized mine 65%. Be sure to sharpen after resize.

Hope you enjoyed doing this tut! I did.

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