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Sheila's Channel Gradient Tag

Channel Gradient Tag

Let's play with some filters!

What you will need:
Paint Shop Pro

Alf's Power Toys

You will see a screen that looks like this:

Unplugged Shapes

VM Natural

This will show you where to click for the download.

When you have all your filters installed, open Paint Shop Pro
and we'll get started.

Open new image 500 x 500 transparent.

Flood fill with black.

Go to effects, Alf's Power Toys, Channel Gradient.

Use the settings below or play with it till you get
an effect that you like.

If you use a different setting, you may want
to make a note of what you used.
We will be using it again.

Next go to Effects, Unplugged Shapes, Spiral Maker.

Use the setting below or again you may play with it
to see what you come up with.

Now go to effects, VM Natural, starmaker.

Use the settings below.

Open a tube of your choice.

Copy and paste onto the background as a new layer.

Move the tube so that you can see the star that you just made.

Pick a color from your tube and set as your background color.

Add a new layer.

Select your text tool and add your text.

Use your mover tool to move the text where desired.

I also rotated my text. Go to Image, rotate.

Go to effects, 3D effects, inner bevel.

Then go to effects, 3D effects, drop shadow.

Selections, select none.

Highlight your tube layer and apply the same drop shadow.

Layers, merge, merge visible.

Use your crop tool to crop off excess background.

Next go to image, add border.

Select the border with your magic wand.

Add a symetric border of 3, then apply the same inner bevel.

Change your background color to black. Add a border of 12.

Select it with your magic wand.

Go to effects, Alf's Power Toys, Channel Gradient and apply
the same settings that you used before
or change them a little if desired.

Then go to effects, 3D effects, inner bevel and apply the frame preset.

Selections, select none.

Resize your image and save.

Be sure to sharpen after resizing.

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