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My CD-R List

Stacey Heimerl
Rt. 5, Box 509
Hedgesville, WV 25427

Here is my small but growing cd-r collection. If there is anything you find you'd like then please get in touch with me and we can go from there. If not, then please come back since this page will be changing by the week. I am mainly interested in trading for GD, JG/JGB, RatDog, TOO, P & F's, Gov't Mule, Rusted Root or anything containing any of the members of these groups mentioned. At times I am looking for others of particular importance so let me know what it is and I'll be the judge. I really would like to get ahold of any live Jim Croce if anything exist out there. I use Imation disc (please no generic's), burn at single speed with a Ricoh SCSI burner using Adaptec Easy CD Creator, usually send discs in sleeves unless I have extra jewel cases I don't need laying around. Don't believe in doing 2:1 so don't ask the same since you'd only be wasting my time. I don't grade my cd's since they all seem to be of the same quality and don't feel anyone out there would try passing off a crappy disc when there where better out there. Any other questions, just feel free to ask and I will reply asap.

06-11-96 The Bottleneck Lawrence,KS ALL 2 disc
11-20-98 The Filmore San Fran, CA ALL 3 disc
07-20-99 Sisko's Taylor,MI ALL 2 disc acoustic show
12-31-99 The Roxy Atlanta, GA ALL 3 disc
03-04-00 Church Street Burlington, VT ALL 2 disc
03-07-00 Irving Plaza New York, NY ALL 2 disc
03-08-00 Irving Plaza New York, NY ALL 3 disc
03-01-00 Vernon Center Hartford, CT ALL 1 Disc (acoustic)
03-22-00 Georgia Thtr. Athens, GA ALL 2 Disc

02-20-00 The Cabooze Minneapolis, MN ALL 3 disc

06-26-97 Atomic Studio Clinton, NJ ALL Early/Acoustic 1 disc

02-11-69 The Fillmore SF, CA ALL 2 disc (early & late)
11-08-69 The Fillmore SF, CA ALL 2 disc
02-18-71 Capitol Thtr. Port Chester,NY ALL 3 disc
08-27-72 Old Ren. Fairgrnds Veneta, OR ALL 3 disc
02-09-73 Stanford Univ., Palo Alto, CA ALL 3 discs
05-07-77 Boston Garden Boston, MA ALL 3 disc
06-25-85 Blossom Music Ctr., Cuy. Falls, OH ALL 2 disc
03-22-90 Copps Coliseum Ontario, Canada ALL 3 disc

08-08-98 The Fillmore San Fran., CA ALL 3 disc
04-15-99 Warfield Thtr. San Fran.,CA ALL 4 disc w/members of Phish
04-16-99 Warfield Thtr. San Fran.,CA ALL 3 disc w/members of Phish
04-17-99 Warfield Thtr. San Fran.,CA ALL 3 disc w/members of Phish
08-12-99 The Fillmore Denver, CO ALL 2 disc
11-13-99 Meadowlands E. Rutherford, NJ ALL 2 disc
03-10-00 Kaiser Auditorium Oakland, CA ALL 3 disc (Phil's 60th B-day)

08-25-91 Gold Coast Bowl SquawValley,CA ALL 2 disc
03-??-95 Jerry's House Palo Alto, CA ALL 1 disc "Pizza Tapes"

12-30-99 Seminole Ind. Res., Big Cyprus, FL ALL 5 disc
12-31-99 Seminole Ind. Res., Big Cyprus, FL ALL 2 disc (Noon Set)
12-31-99 Seminole Ind. Res., Big Cyprus, FL ALL 8 disc (Midnight Set)

04-21-98 The Powerhouse Sebastapol,CA ALL 3 disc

03-18-99 The Fillmore San Fransisco, CA ALL 3 disc
01-31-00 Rialto Theater Tuscon, AZ ALL 3 disc

12-31-99 The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY ALL 4 disc

10-28-98 Sigma Soundstage Philadelphia, PA ALL 1 disc

??-??-00 Studio Pitts., PA ALL 1 disc demo tape
*Jim Donovam from Rusted Root, new band*

01-28-99 Mr Smalls Funhouse Pitts., PA ALL 2 disc

Trades Pending: GD 12/7/68, 12/9/81, 7/17-19/89, 8/21,22/93 & 7/9/95; P&F's 8/13,8/17,10/21, & 11/5/99; Blue Floyd 1/31/00; David Gans 5/16/99 & 10/22/99

Tree currently on: WOT and two Gov't Mule plus others.

Possibilities: David Gans 3/2, 3/4 & 4/1/00; Ratdog 12-31-98 & Phish "Great Went" shows. This along with trying to get the rest of the 2000 Mule shows and more of what's already listed here.