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Liz Berlin Trees 4 U

Liz Berlin Trees 4 U

These trees are designed to freely spread around the music of Liz Berlin mainly, but you will find on occassion bands & performers like 8 Naked Buddahs, Jim Donovan, Mike Glabicki, Rusted Root, Psoas and some of the talented people that have had the opportunity to share the stage with Liz. They are going to be for CD-R media with leaf positions left for those needing analog. The reason for this, is that I want to eliminate as much generation loss as possible so that the majority of recordings out there will all be of good quality. I would also like to stress that trading is highly recommended over the B+P but will leave these details up to the individual parents involved.

Like I said previous, I would like to keep this tree strictly CD-R but certain accomidations will be made for the burnerless. Each structure will have as many people on it as possible without sacrificing time in completing each tree. I'd like each one to run as quickly and smoothly as possible so we can move on to our next show or set of discs. I would like to see a new show once every month. If we can finish these up quicker, then I will move to adding a new one every 3 weeks. If things bog down, then we might have to cut back on the number we release. All questions between branches and leafs, I would like it if you could work the problem out amongst yourselves. Involving me at the last resort. If any one notices a lost parent/leaf just let me know and I will try to contact that person before removing them from that current structure.

If interested in signing up for the current tree, please send the following information to the address found at the bottom of this page.

I am looking for seeds for the above mentioned artists. If you have something that might be nice to see treed, then drop me a e-mail and we can discuss the matter further.

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Rusted Root
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#1...Liz 1/23/99, Mike Glabicki 11/8/99 and Momma Tongue demo
#2...Liz 1/28/99, Rachel McCartney 1/28/99 and Rusted Root 10-28-95
#3...Liz 9/10/99 & 11/11/99 & maybe a '73 Jim Croce show if interested

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