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My Favorite things in Life are:

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Here's my Mule, now where's that 40 acres???
Grateful Dead Official Home Page
Rusted Root Official Homepage
A Grateful owned campground here in Wonderful West Virginia
Fastest growing sport in America
Another site for The Other Ones
My page for the latest Liz Berlin tape tree
My complete CD-R list for trading purposes only.
Get all your Kindness Dubs here from Jay
Production + webpage--promoters of some great concerts

Home Page of Hippie Hiker

A Picture of Myself.

My Lovely Daughter.

Purely Gods Country.

Hello all! I have been playing around with this webpage thing for some time now. Instead of changing everything here I will keep what is here but just add pages to it as time goes along. If any one has any comments for either myself or regarding my page, they can either be directed to my guest-book or sent to me, via my E-mail address given below. For the time being, please keep coming back as things will be constantly changing, being added or redirected to other pages.

I'm 31 years old and the father of one. I have one brother and two sisters. All of which are younger than me. I am a relocated cheese-head; Wisconsinite. Where I spent most of the last 29 years of my life. Most of my family is still located there. Although I now have relatives in both Texas, Florida and Europe. My daughter; Hailey, is my pride and joy. She is my Lil' Hippie in the making. My interest vary and are many so I won't give a list of them. Although you can guess my favorites from viewing this page. They only thing I miss since moving; besides my family, is America's team -- the Green Bay Packers. Hopefully they can return to the Super Bowl again someday soon. I also have some great friends back home that I miss very much and hope to see them all again very soon!

I am now living in the wonderful state of West Virginia. The area where I live is called the Eastern Pan-handle of WV. It's centrally located to some of the larger metropolitan cities on the east coast(D.C., Baltimore, Philly, Pittsburgh and Richmond. I am directly in the heart of Civil War history with the various battlefields only a short drive away in any direction. If that's not enough, the 2,164 mile long Appalachian Trail is a good days hike away. I help the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club maintain a 1.7 mile section of this National Scenic Trail starting at Ashby Gap in northern Virginia and running south. Some time I plan on hiking the AT from end to end but until then you can pass me on some of the local trails or sections of the AT around my home. There are also plenty of local festivals, sites, people and flee markets to take in if a person is ever in this area.

The music that has played the most influence on my life would be that of the Grateful Dead. I got on the bus as the ride was close to coming to an end but still managed to see the boys a few times at Soldier Field. Since the band called an end to this thing us heads call that "Long, Strange Trip", I've gotten involved in trading tapes to help keep the music alive. My Cd-R list can be found here. So if anybody is interested in a possible trade, I can be reached at the address below and we can work something out. Now that the Dead are no more; Fare thee well Jerry, I've found plenty of bands to fill the musical need that my soul yearns for. Some of those that pop into mind are The Other Ones (although this might have seen its day), Rusted Root(as this may have seen it day also), Blues Traveler, Phish and Gov't Mule to name a few. This isn't the entire list back those of you who listen to these great bands can figure out the others. I'm starting to really get into the Mule as of late so just please don't step on the grass, Sam and where's my Mule???

Another Long Strange Trip!

Liz Trees 4 U

Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule @ Alpine '98 Horde

TOO @ Alpine '98 Furthur Festival

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