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You are listening to the Boy Scouts of America March published in 1916 and written by John Phillip Souza. Marches were very popular in the early part of the century and Boy Scouts were a popular topic for them.

Welcome to Highland District's Web Page. This page is to help keep you informed of upcoming events and to provide you with some links to other sites where you can obtain Scouting information. If you know of any event or information that needs to be included on this page, please send an e-mail. Thanks!


Sept 6 Labor Day Office Closed
Sep 13 Roundtable 7pm Camp Mahonegon - Popcorn Sales Planning
Sep 16 Coordinated Join Scouting Night
Sep 17-19 OA Fall Fellowship RESCHEDULED FOR OCT 29 - 31 DUE TO FLOODING Camp Mahonegon
Sep 23 Camp Maintenance Committee Mtg 7pm Camp Mahonegon
Sep 24 - 26 OA NLS
Oct 2 - 3 Cub Adventure Weekend Camp Mahonegon
Oct 16 - 17 Cub Adventure Weekend Camp Mahonegon
Oct 28 Camp Maintenance Committee Mtg 7pm Camp Mahonegon
Oct 29 - 31 OA Fall Fellowship RESCHEDULED from Sept 17 - 19 Camp Mahonegon
Oct 31 POPCORN Sale Ends
Nov 3 POPCORN Orders Due
Nov 4 Roundtable THURSDAY 7pm at Camp Mahonegon - Halloween Party with Stonewall Jackson District
Nov 13 POPCORN Pickup and Recharting Breakfast Elkins
Nov 25 Thanksgiving Office closed Thursday & Friday
Nov 30 District AWARD OF MERIT Nomination Deadline
Dec 3 SILVER BEAVER Nomination Deadline
Dec 6 Roundtable 7pm Camp Mahonegon
Dec 6 Popcorn Money Due to Scout Service Center
Dec 11 OA Winter Banquet 1:00pm Salem, WV
Jan 8 Council Recognition Dinner
Jan 8 OA Officer Training
Jan 10 Roundtable 7pm 1st U.M. Church in Elkins
Jan 27 Camp Maintenance Committee Mtg 7pm Camp Mahonegon
Jan 28-30 Klondike Derby at Camp Mahonegon $8.00/person
Jan 31 Highland District Recognition Dinner 6:30pm - Heiner Hall at AB College - please RSVP to Ben Propst by Jan 18 for a fun time on a cold winter night - 2004 Eagle Scout recipients are invited to attend!!!
Check THE POLAR STAR for more details about upcoming events


Many thanks to all who made Cub Adventure Weekends a big success and a GREAT time!!

Please contact Dave Brewer with Troop 40 Bridgeport and let him know what you can do to help with the Klondike Derby at Camp Mahonegon!! More info will be available at Roundtable meetings, also.

Some Web Sites Of Interest
Scouting History and Traditions
God and Country Program - P.R.A.Y.
BSA Allohak Council - West Virginia & Ohio
U.S. Scouting Service Project

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The Key Three
Tom Staud / District Chairman
Carl Goodwin, Jr. / District Commissioner
Ben Propst / District Executive
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