Hear & Now / Spring 1998

ith the support (both of the creative and moral varieties) of T.D./camera-guy/engineer Michael Chambers, Celeste cranked out another season of off-beatness. Amy McGinnis and Bill Ewing also lended support.

Local artist WindChaser, Sting-influenced keyboardist extraordinare, dropped by the BethCom
Studio for an interview and performed his romantic "Wake Up and Dream" and the jazz-inspired "Phishing".

Kosmos was in session again and we got it on tape. The performances from Foreign Language Day and the
I.S.A.'s Intercultural Evening were turned into videos for "Unattainable Certainty", "I've Been
Watching You", and "Die Ballade Von Mackie Messer" (also known as "Mack the Knife" by Brecht and Weil)

And it was a complete pleasure to be able to do one show each devoted to two excellent bands, Yo La Tengo and Pavement.

featured videos

Love Battery, "Fuzz Factory", A&M Records
Rick Monroe, "Life Goes On in L.A.", Divorce Records
Bim Skala Bim, "Pete Needs a Friend", BIB Records
Ten Foot Pole, "Broken Bubble", Epitaph
Shame Idols, "My Star", Frontier Records
Spinanes, "Noel, Jonah, and Me", Sub Pop
Chavez, "Unreal Is Here", Matador Records
Face To Face, "Disconnected", A&M Records
Bad Religion, "Atomic Garden", Epitaph
Lisa Cerbone, "Watching You Drown", Ichiban International
Guitar Wolf, "Invader Ace", Matador Records
Pavement, "Cut Your Hair", Matador Records
Zumpano, The Party Rages On", Sub Pop
Tag Yerit, "Adam & Eve", Wabbit Wecordings
Air, "Sexy Boy", Caroline/Astralwerks
Fat Boy Slim, "Out Of My Head", Caroline/Astralwerks
Rein Sanction, "Every Color", Sub Pop
Pennywise, "Same Old Story", Epitaph
Yo La Tengo, "Sugercube", Matador Records
Yo La Tengo, "From a Motel 6", Matador Records
Guided By Voices, "Auditorium/Motor Away", Matador Records
Senser, "Age Of Panic", A&M Records
Gus Huffer, "More Of Everything", Epitaph
Dash Rip Rock, "Let's Go (Smoke Some Pot)", Ichiban International
96 Decibel Freaks, "911", Rattlesnake Venom Records
Billy Childish, "Crying Blud", Sub Pop
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion w/ Beck and Mike D., "Flavor", Matador Records
Ass Ponys, "Earth To Grandma", A&M Records
Guided By Voices, "Bulldog Skin", Matador Records
Helium, "Leon's Space Song", Matador Records
Pavement, "Gold Sounds", Matador Records
Pavement, "Shady Lane", Matador Records
Pavement, "Rattled By the Rush", Matador Records
Pavement, "Father to a Sister of Thought", Matador Records
Pavement, "Painted Soldiers", Matador Records
Fluke, "Atom Bomb", Caroline/Astralwerks
Down By Law, "Hit Or Miss", Epitaph
Snfu, "Eric's Had a Bad Day", Epitaph
Wayne Kramer, "Crack In the Universe", Epitaph
Pizzicato Five, "It's a Beautiful Day", Matador Records
Silkworm, "Wet Firecracker", Matador Records
Underground Lovers, "Losin' It", A&M Records
Pixies, "Alec Eiffel", Concrete Marketing, Inc.
Swervedriver, "Sandblasted", Concrete Marketing, Inc.
Galaxie 500, "Tugboat", Shimmy-Disc
Bettie Serveert, "Palomine", Matador Records
Judas Priest, "Burn in Hell", CMC International
Sarah McLachlan, "Into the Fire", Concrete Marketing, Inc.
KMFDM, "Megalomaniac", WaxTrax!
Rollins Band, "Low Self-Opinion", Concrete Marketing, Inc.
Tool, "Stinkfist", Zoo Entertainment
They Might Be Giants, "The Statue Got Me High", Concrete Marketing, Inc.
Run On, "Xmas Trip", Matador Records
Codeine, "Realize", Sub Pop
Beck, "Forcefield", K Records
Liz Phair, "Jealousy", Matador Records
Tool, "Sober, Zoo Entertainment

Hear & Now Theme: "Foxy Girl" by Daniel Johnston
"Secret" by Half Japanese
"Moby Octopad" by Yo La Tengo
"Evenflow" by the Moog Cookbook, written by Gossard/Vedder
"Apple Mary" by Dogbowl
"Lewis" by Yo La Tengo
"Tom Courtenay" by Yo La Tengo
"I Forgot To Get High" by Damon & Naomi
"Sheena's In a Goth Gang" by the Cramps
"Just Across the Street" by Jad Fair and Phono-Comb
"Kool Thing" by Sonic Youth
"In the Rain" by Kosmos
"I Have Always Been Here Before" by Julian Cope, written by Roky Erickson
"Love Gone Wrong" by Glass Eye
"Revolutions Per Minute" by The Christmas
"Be Thankful For What You Got" by Yo La Tengo, written by William DeVaughn

..... sounds best with Crescendo.

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