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Hear & Now debuted on WTVX/TV3 in September 1997 on Bethany College Campus. The show ended its run early in 2000, but the web'zine born from it is running stronger than ever. Broadcasting capabilities will hopefully return to H&N in 2003; in the meantime H&N On-line is still dedicated to independent and obscure media.

If you represent a label or band, H&N On-line is still a place for you to get exposure. Please click around on the links to the left to see H&N Music News and be sure to click the Contact link for more info about Hear & Now's developments and contact information.

We are always accepting promo packets including tapes, CDs, and videocasettes for review.

But finally, after years of stagnation, the TV people have woken up to the need for locally-based minority programs! Made by amateurs! And perhaps of interest only to two or three people! It's important, right? It's now! And I want to watch!

This entity we like to call a TV show features mostly "alternative" music. Use whatever definition of that word you like. When possible, it also features live performances, interviews, and so on from local bands.
There are a lot of great artists out there who don't get the attention they deserve. At the very least, there are a lot of run-of-the-mill artists out there who deserve as equal a chance as whatever mediocrity is currently burning up the charts. But you already knew that. If one's going to throw this stuff out there, why not do it rural West Virginia, where it might just be needed the most?

First Bocco Cable, then the world ..... or at least Wellsburg.

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