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Alias Records -- They sent me Archers of Loaf, YLT, and then some

Asphodel -- Spacey stuff like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Mixmaster Mike.

Bar/None Records -- Kathy McCarty/Glass Eye, Chris Mars, Freedy Johnston

Bloody Daggre -- Subverting America one note at a time

Beggars Banquet -- China Drum, Bauhaus, Bettie Serveert.

Brainfloss -- Free Verse and Lucid Nation

Caroline Records

Eerie Materials -- unclassifiable music for warped minds.

Elektra -- finally the big guys who can actually afford to send me stuff are doing it.

Epitaph -- The Cramps, Gas Huffer, Wayne Kramer.

HitIt! Recordings

Hollywood Records -- Mickey sends love

K Records -- sweet folks. Modest Mouse, Mecca Normal

Kitty Kitty Records Switzerland -- Gilles-V. Rieder's label.

Matador Records -- Jon Spencer, Yo La Tengo, Guided By Voices, and many other excellent folks.

Megaphone Records -- Jason Willett and friends

Mojo Records -- Our skanky friends who bring us Reel Big Fish and Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Monolyth/Soundproof -- home of Paul Westerburg's Grandpaboy and the Amazing Royal Crowns.

Moonshine Records -- chock full of bass-y goodness

Moon Ska Records

My Room Records -- those crazy kids....

Never Records Group -- They sent me those cute Sloan guys.

1-800-Prime CD -- Your Indie friends and mine.

Old Gold -- Overcoming technofear, this label features experimental artists like Yximalloo.

POPaganda -- Billboard artist Ron English has some amazing artwork and knows some pretty cool people.

Skunk/Cornerstone R.A.S. -- Sublime and the Ziggins

Shimmy-Disc -- New stuff and re-issues. Bongwater, King Missile, Daniel Johnston, Galaxie, et cetera.

Stress Records -- Daniel Johnston's home recordings, T-shirts, and some more stuff.

Sub Pop -- Combustible Edison, Damon & Naomi, Rev. Horton, and lots of good old-fashioned grungy stuff.

Wabbit Wecordings -- Tag Yerit: the band that tours by 'net.

GAJOOB Magazine's Resources for Recording Artists -- for DiY folks and the people who love them.