This was the week h8steve had to work late, and got to the station late. Mike Siciliano from Factor 8 dropped by CDMD to play some tunes and promote his band's new 7".

airplay for 02/19/00

Carson Daly Must Die 

8 p.m. - 10:20 p.m.


10:20 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.






Daniel Johnston Foxy Girl Fun MDFMK Gasoline MDFMK
Daniel Johnston I Feel So High Artistic Vice Babyland Safe Equals No Sound Outlive Your Enemies
Pavement Cut Your Hair Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain Die Warsau Never Again (Atlantic Mix) Big Electric Metal Bass Face
Flaming Lips A Spoonful Weighs a Ton the Soft Bulletin Meg Lee Chin Thing Piece and Love
Flaming Lips Kim's Watermelon Gun Clouds Taste Metallic Evil Mothers The Ready Set Die (Vodka Satonic Mix) Beatings
Momus Lolitapop Dollhouse Ping Pong Acuman Nation Mike Territory=Universe
Boss Hog I Dig You Boss Hog Slave Unit Life Unfolds Slave Unit
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama Weasels Ripped My Flesh Ministry Whip and Chain Dark Side of the Spoon
Josta Baby Club Kids Life Cycle / Maximum Street Rock EP PIG Disrupt, Degrade, & Devastate Genuine American Monster
Factor 8 Life Cycle Life Cycle / Maximum Street Rock EP Viewers Like You Target Audience (Fast Food Revenge Radio of Darkness Mix) Demo
Factor 8 When Will I Learn Life Cycle / Maximum Street Rock EP Machines of Loving Grace Suicide King Gilt
Josta Baby In the Seen, In the No Life Cycle / Maximum Street Rock EP Bauhaus Stigmata Martyr Volume One
Ghastly Ones Haulin' Hearse A-haunting We Will Go-Go Snog Are You Normal Enough? Third Mall From the Sun
the Cramps Queen Of Pain Big Beat From Badsville Foetus Lust For Death Hole
X You Wouldn't Tell Me Country at War EP Pigface Satellite Fook
Fugazi Stacks Steady Diet Of Nothing Peter Ulrich Time and a Word Pathways and Dawns
Fugazi Latin Roots Steady Diet Of Nothing Angelo Badalamenti featuting Julee Cruise Into the Night Twin Peaks sndtrk
Fugazi Do You Like Me Red Medicine Switchblade Symphony Naked Birthday The Three Calamidies
Fear The Mouth Don't Stop (the Trouble With Women Is) More Beer The The Shrunken Man Naked Self
Dead Kennedys The Prey Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death Portishead Over Portishead
Ramones You're Gonna Kill That Girl It's Alive Deathline Int'l Murder Arashi Syndrome
Rollins Band Illumination (Illuminator Remix) Illumination VNV Nation Dark Angel (Gabriel) Empires
Snapcase Typecast Modulator Designs for Automation Crisis NTI Radience The Alien Conspiracy
Snapcase Caboose (live 11.13.99 Pittsburgh PA) Designs for Automation HAL featuring Gillian Anderson Extremis Extrimis
Beastie Boys Cooky Puss Some Old Bulls**t Juno Reactor Komit Bible of Dreams
Gang Of Four Anthrax Entertainment! Clock DVA Sound Mirror Buried Dreams
Rites of Spring Spring End On End Download Zonk Lift Paradigm Shift
Bad Brains House Of Suffering I Against I Pulse Legion End It All One Thing
Devo Working In a Coal Mine Hardcore Volume 2 The Residents Kawliga Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses
Noodle Muffin Scumbags Teaspoons of Sin  
Captain Howdy Tattoo of Blood Tattoo of Blood
Lou Reed Caroline Says II Berlin
Lou Reed Vicious Transformer
Velvet Underground Cool It Down Loaded
Yo La Tengo Be Thankful For What You Got Little Honda
Beck Nicotine & Gravy Midnite Vultures
Orange 9mm Thickest Glass Driver Not Included
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