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The Most Beautiful Dog in the World


Prepare to see the cutest and sweetst dog ever. Her name is Sassy, and I have never met a better dog.
My family got Sassy when I was in the third grade. She was out of the litter from dog that lived next door. Our neighbors let us choose a puupy. My dad liked her markings and my mother said she had spunk. So we took her home.
That was one of the best decisions my family ever made!
Sassy is 12 years old now and weighs about 40 pounds. She is still the loving puppy she always was. She's everyone's friend. The one thing she loves most (next to food) is to have one of her family pet her, but if a stranger wants to pet her, that's o.k. too!
Even when we would rough house with her when we were kids, she was always gentle. Sassy would nip at my brother and I in fun, but she never once broke the skin.
All she wants to do is be loved. And she is. There isn't one member of my family that doesn't care for this dog.
So without further ado. The cutest dog you will ever see. Better than any picture on a calender!

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