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Other Lands to Visit

Other Lands to Visit

Here are just a few places I like to visit, plus some interesting sites you might want to check out. I'll try to add more later.

Kimberly's Xena Page If you're a Xena fan like me, this is a really great page to check out

A long time ago...Yanik's Star Wars page Chock full of Star Wars fun

Bruce Cambell Online He's Ash (the original bad ass)and one of my favorite actors

Shrine To Bruce Yet another page dedicated to the man close to my heart. And a very good one too!

Back on a Mission The home page of Bill Cooey, one of my best friends. Definately a cool page with some good links

Pentax homepage The Pentax main homepage. So many cameras....So little time!

Desktop Heaven Just a cool page to get all kinds of free screen savers, wallpaper and desktop themes.

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