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The Land of Illusia

"What's still unwritten you can erase"

-The Bitter Suite

last updated 2-1-00

De-Valentine's Day This is my take on that lovely holiday. Also found on my editorial page

Yep, That's me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Gretchen Sheperd and this is my homepage (duh! :) ) It's kind of a work in progress, so if you stop back later I'll probably have some new stuff up........maybe.....depends on the computer........stupid piece of crap!

Anyway, welcome to my humble pad. It's crazy and wacky here, but that's just the way I like it! Here are some other quick facts about me (It is my homepage after all!) I'm a junior at Marshall University majoring in photography, love horses (I've taken riding lessons for about 8 years now), I work part time as a waitress and am still waiting for John Schneider or David Letterman to marry me (Come on guys, you've kept me waiting long enough!)

Well, that's it for my little speech. Enjoy!

ATTENTION!!!! If there is anyone out there who has or knows where I can find the CD of the soundtrack to the TV show Dr. Quinn Medicine Women, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! :) Yes I know some of you out there thought the show was stupid, but during my high school years I rather liked it. And even the most hardened critics will have to admit the music is quite enjoyable.

So please, if you want to make a poor young girl very happy, just email the info and I would be forever grateful. O.k. enough groveling, back to my homepage! :)

Just a couple of things you might want to check out....

The Writing PageThis is a growing page of links that lead to different stories and creations I have found on the web. Some you just have to see to beleive

My Personal Links page It can connect you to all the little sites I've painstakingly created. Meet some people in my life, look at some pics, you know the usual!

Your Typical Links Page Not to be confused with the one mentioned before. This one leads you to other commercial or personal pages on the WWW

Email: Comments, write here. Complaints, deal with it! (Psst! Just me with one more plea for info about the Quinn CD. If you have info just give a little click with your mouse here! :) )

Bye Bye!