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My Family

My Family

Come on down and meet the Sheperd family! We're a different bunch, so just pull up a chair and let me introduce you to the people silly enough not to disown me! :)

First there's my mom. Sorry no picture here. (My mom HATES having her picture taken. I'm still looking for one that doesn't show the back of her head!)

Margeret Jeane (mom) is a teacher at the local middle school. And she's pretty good at it! (Much better than some of my teachers!)
A lot of people say we look alike. Aside from that we're pretty different. She very neat and likes to have things organized. She worries too much sometimes, but that's o.k. She's been there all my life and I'm grateful. We were butting heads a lot for awhile, but the older I get the better it gets. We get along pretty well. Sit down and gab. You know, the girl thing

Cleve and Annabelle

Say hello to Cleve and Annabelle Hayward, my grandparents. They're two of the greatest people you ever want to meet.
Grandma (or Gumma as I sometimnes call her) is a retired nurse. She was even in Europe as part of a nursing unit during WOrld War II. Nowadays she's still pretty busy. Grandma is the secretary for the local Eastern Star delegation. She also keeps up with all her friends, local and across the country. A family joke is that Grandma has a friend in every U.S. State. (The scary thing is it's practically true!) She can also play a mean game of push and euchre!
Grandma's a character with a great sense of humor. Nothing gets past her!
Grandpa (Gumpa) is a complete sweetheart. He was also in World War II and worked in the mill until he retired.
Grandpa and I go way back. When I was a baby, my grandparents used to visit us in our house in Hinton (Downstate West Virginia) Grandpa and I would usually be the first ones up. He would get me out of my crip and listen to my baby babble. Later when I visited them at their house while mom and dad where at work, I would be his "wastress."
Grandpa a complete sweetheart. In fact, one of the songs he used to sing me (And still does sometimes) is "Let Me Call You Sweetheart!"

Dad and Greg It's graduation day with my dad and my brother Greg!
Greg graduated from Bethany College. Now he works with computers and takes graduate classes at the nearby Wheeling Jesuit College Greg's pretty good with computers. He's even built a couple.
Greg spends most of his time running around in his Jeep to various conventions and classes.
W. George Sheperd. That's my dad. He's the best. Always patient and understanding, he supports Greg and me in whatever we do. It may be Daddy's little girl talking here, but I think my dad is the best guy in the world! Dad works for Bell Atlantic in Wheeling. He works a good amount of hours, so I don't see him as often as I like. But sometimes we'll go somewhere in his truck and I feel like I'm little again., One of my favorite things when I was little was getting up in Dad's ol 78 GMC, drive, talk and listen to the radio.

Grandma Sheperd

Last but least, here's my Grandma, Mary Sheperd.
The one word I think of when I think of Grandma Sheperd is "ladylike." Grandma is tall and on the thinner side. She walks with a grace of some sort and speaks with a very soft voice. (Two things I could never do!) Grandma Sheperd and Grandpa Sheperd (who passed away when I was very little) used to live on a farm in West Alexander. That's where my dad grew up.

Well, that's my family. Thanks for taking a minute to meet them!

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