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My Shrine to Chewbacca

The Chewbacca Shrine

Welcome visitors.

Behold the beast of a car, Chewbacca (better known as Chewy)

Marked by Police, this car never stopped. Big, Brown, Loud, and Hairy (Dog hair on seats), this car could only be called by one name........


I have been through many adventures with Chewy, and some of those legends still live on.....

For those of you who have never met Chewbacca, let me provide a brief background.

Chewbacca's first owners were my grandparents. Upon getting a new car they gave this beast to me. Fresh out of drivers ed, with a shiny new driver's license in my hand Chewbacca and I leearned all the back rounds and by ways in the part of WV I live in.

When I went to college Chewbacca and I made the commute together.

In my circle of friends, Chewy was well known. Each of my buds had at one point or another ridden in Chewy and inadvertantly had the shit scared out of them!

We were buds Chewy and me. But sadly, cars don't last forever. Hard driving takes its toll on a car. I had to part ways with Chewy.

But I will always remember the growl of his V6 engine, the squeal of his tires, and the cloud of dust we always left in our wake.

What to hear a little more?

Presenting 3 legends that forever belong to Chewbacca.

The Bush Esicapade

Battle at the Garage

The Flight from Pot Rock

Thank you for paying homage at my shrine.

May Chewbacca live forever on....

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