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Salt Fork

Ahhh Vacation. Every summer my friend Becky and I spend a week camping at Salt Fork. And not just any camping. We go camping in style. I'm talking the whole nine yards. Huge tent, 2 cots, shelf with TV, VCR and small stereo and a canopy over the picnic table. Is this ruffing it? Hell no! I know it isn't. But I don't find it relaxing pooping in a hole and using a leaf to wipe my ass!

So Salt Fork is the perfect get-away. We still have pottys and shower thanks to the shower house in the camp area. We go hiking and swimming in the day time, roast hotdogs and smore's in the evening, and when the sun goes all the way down and it's dark, we retreat to the tent to watch movies. Now if that ain't relaxing, I don't know what is! :)

So here are a few pics from this year's trip and a few from last year. I'll try to get some more up.
I took all the pics. (I am a photo major after all! :) ) All I ask is that you do not use them elsewhere without asking. They may not look like much because I'm still learning, but they are mine. In the rare occasion that you would like to use a pic of mine, just email me. I'm pretty easy going, I just like to be credited for my own work. Who doesn't? :)
Okay then. Just click on the thumbnail to see a larger image! Enjoy!






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