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Members of the Drumline 98-99

Snare Line

Justin Taylor-Senior*
Daniel Polk-Senior
Donnie Webster-Senior
Travis Vandevander-Senior
Michael Hylton-Sophomore

Bass Line

Junior Wallace-Junior (1st Bass)
Jesse Dillon-Senior* (2nd Bass)
Justin McIntire-Sophomore (3rd Bass)
Chris Cutlip-Senior (4th Bass)
Paul Allison-Sophomore (5th Bass)

Tenor Line

Andy Robinson-Senior*
Mark Bartos-Sophomore
Josh Gesner-Sophomore
Jonathon Mabry-Sophomore

The Pit

Josh Greenway-Senior
Nikki Bowes-Senior
Jared Morgan-Senior
Lara McCormick-Junior
Isaac Morgan-Junior
Mary Watkins-Junior
Amanda Kyle-Sophomore
Jessica Dunlap-Sophomore

   The * denotes the section leader. Jesse is also the head of the entire percussion section.
Our drumline has always had a national reputation for being superior. We have competed against some of the best in the nation and have come out on top. Here's the place to go and check out our  awards and honors from past years.  Click on the banner to return home. LKSD