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Some of our Scores and Honors

1997 BOA Grand Nationals- Number One Drumline in the nation. 48 of 50 points possible.

1998 Huricane High Marching Competition - 1st Place 
1998 Marshall University Tri-State Marching Festival - Superior Percussion and best over all.
1995 JMU Parade of Champions Class AAAA - Best Persussion
1995 "The Dots" Festival of Bands - 1st Place
1995 17th Annual Vinson Marching Contest Class AA - 1st Place
1994 16th Annual Vinson Marching Contest Class A - 1st Place
1993 BOA Marching Percusssion Festival - 3rd Place
1993 15th Annual Vinson Marching Contest Class A - 1st Place
1993 26th Eastern Kentucky Marching Band Festival Class AAAA -
         Best Percussion
1990 Pride of Salem Classic Class AAA  Auxiliary - 1st Place
1988 G.W.T.I.D.A. Indoor Classic at MVHS Perc.Ens.Inter. -
         1st Place

    This is not all the competitions we have competed at, this is all that I could find right off hand and could put up. There'll be more to come as I verify things.

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