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COPYRIGHT ©2000, Donna Brown

This cemetery was recorded by me several years ago, long before I ever became computer literate. I just haven't had the time to enter it into pc format. Judith Toler Kozlowski has been working on entering this cemetery into pc format. So far we have the following names:
s/o Bob and Sarah Fields Bakerd/o ____ and Mary Hinchman
Acord, Oliverb 1873d 1955s/o Zeb and Arminta Brown Acord
Acord Maudeb 1884d 1947
Adkins Edgar Reedb 1924d 1973
Alderson, Rita Marleneb 4/March/1943d 13/Apr/1959
Allen, Clydeb 1913d 1941
Altizer, Garland Michaelbd Jan/1963
Altizer, Jane Hopeb 25/Sept 1927d 18/Aug/1928
Altizer, Willis Garlandb 31/Nov/1905d 9/Aug 1968s/o George and Mary Brown Altizer62 yrs old
Altizer, George W.b 1878d 1963Husband of Mary Brown Altizer
s/o Joe and Nancy White Altizer
Altizer, Mary Brownb 1886d 1966daugh of James Dolliver Brown and Alice Toler Brown
Altizer, Josephineb 2/Feb/1911d 11/Sept/1912
Asbury, Eliza E.b 1879d 1944
Asbury, Ira S.b 2/Jan/1883d 11/Dec/1950
Bailey, Rev. Don b.31/Aug/1895d. 3/Jan/1955s/o Anthony and Flora Burgess Bailey
Bailey, Eleanor Whiteb.11/Feb/1928d. 26/Feb/1972 d/o D L and Ada Smoot44 yrs old
Bailey, Georgieb. 1925 d. 1926
Bailey, Mollieb. 7/Jan/1884d. 10/Aug/1948
Bailey, Harmon Sr.b. 14/Aug/1978d. 4/Nov/1946
Bailey, John Haskellb. 29/Aug/1913d. 26/Feb/1972 s/o Ida Bell Lowe58 yrs old
Bailey, Mary Dixieb. 2/Sept/1900d. 14/Nov/1961d/o Lemuel and Amanda Brown Brown
Baker, Theodore R.b 1/Apr/1912d 13/Apr/1975 s/o Wm and Liza Stidham Baker63 yrs old
Baker, W. Pattonb 25/Feb/1890d 11/Apr/1959
Baker, Roxieb 6/June/1896d 1/May/1983
Baker, Alexb.16/October 1888 KYd 13/Dec/1951
Bartram, Ida b 1883 d 1971
Bartram, Payne b 1876 d 1945
Bartram, Truman b 1815 d 1933
Bartram, Elba Jerry (no dates)
Bishop, Viola Belcherno dates
Bishop, Scott (no dates)
Blankenship, Eugene b 25/Jan/1928 d 14,Nov/1930
Blankenship, Jerry D b 28/May/1941 d 30/May/1941
Blankenship, Peter O. (Rev.) b 21/May/1902 d 19/June/1973
Blankenship, Franklin D. b 8/July/1933b 3/Dec/1965 PVT CPL US Army
Blankenship, Lucy b 22/Mar/1900 d 1983
Boothe, Woodrow Wilson b 26/July/1912 d 7/Nov/1961s/o Harry and Gurnia Ashworth Boothe
Boothe, Colleen b 1929 d 1982
Brooks, Lillian b 1907 d 1935d/o Dolph and Florence Hatfield Davisw/o Perry Brooks
Brooks, Ruthb d 1926
Brooks Ray b 8/Aug/1909 d 25/July/1972 s/o Lorenzo & Rispia Bailey Brooks62 yrs old
Brooks, Otis b 28/Sept/1894 d 30/Apr/1934 s/o Lorenzo & Rispia Bailey Brooks
Brooks, Rispia Bailey b 1872 d 1948
Brooks, Lorenzo b 1869 d 1941
Brooks, James P. b. 7/Nov/1898 d 6/Apr/1978
Brown, Ida Jane b. 25/Feb/ 1897 d 15/June/ 1968d/o Bilton and Ella Brown Perry Wife of Don Brown71 yrs old
Brown, Don b 10/Jun/1888 d 27/Dec/1964 s/o James Dolliver Brown and Alice Toler Brown
Brown, Bittle Dewitt b 20/Apr 1891 d 26/July 1970 s/o James Dolliver Brown and Alice Toler Brown79 yrs old
Brown, Hattie M. b 24/Mar/1900 d 29/Oct/1980 daugh of Anthony Miller and Mary Collins Miller
Brown, Peggy Nathel b 13/July/1946 d 16/May/1963 daugh Charles Edward Brown and Irene Brown
Brown, Irene b 16/Feb/1922 d 7/May/1955 daugh of Alda Brown and Alice Bailey Brown
Brown, Clara Sue b 21/Mar/1944 d 9/Oct/1944 daugh Dewitt Brown and Alberta Miller Brown
Brown, Sidney b 10/May/1861 d 4/Aug/1923 Husband of Cora Browns/o Mathias Brown
Brown, Cora b 12/May/1871 d 17/June/1916 daugh of James Dolliver Brown and Alice Toler Brown
Brown, Hirse O. b 9/Oct/1926 d ? WV PVT 50 Inf. 3 Div
Brown, Jimmie F. b 20/Aug/1935 d 12/Oct/1936
Brown, James Lewis (Jay) b 19/Apr/ 1904 d 27/Jan/ 1980
Brown, Ezra F. b 9/May/1898 d 25/Apr/1973 s/o James Dolliver Brown and Alice Toler Brown Twin to Elsie Florence Brown Stout
Brown, Ira b 19/Apr/1907 d 29/Aug/1970 s/o Sidney and Cora Brown Brown63 yrs old
Brown, Flarbel b 1910 d 1946
Brown, Roy 5/Feb/1893 d 30/June/1964 s/o James Dolliver Brown and Alice Toler Brown-- Twin to Ada Brown
Brown, Sadie Allen b 1/Aug/1900 d 22/July/1983 Wife of Roy Brown
Brown, James Dolliverb 15/Apr/ 1848 d 23/Jan/1929 S/o Isaac Brown Sr and Isabel "Ibbie" Vance
Brown, Isaac b 19/Sep/1878 d 1/Jan/1952 S/o James Dolliver and Nancy Toler Brown
Brown, Donivan b 1925 d 1926
Brown, Lola Lee b 1932 d 1934
Brown, James B b 16/Apr/1885 d 18/Mar/1905 s/o James D. and Alice Toler Brown
Brown, Flora Burgess b 1875 d 1957 Wife of Isaac Brown Jr.d/o Gordon and Mary Brown Burgess
Brown, Isaac Jr. b 1867 d 1933 Brother of James Dolliver Brown
Brown, Bill b 7/May/1910 d 25/Aug/1945 S/o Isaac & Flora Burgess Brown
Brown, Frank b 15/Oct/1897 d 17/Jan1955 S/o Isaac & Flora Burgess Brown
Brown, Carl Preston b 4/June/1917 d 27/Jan 1972 s/o Alda R and Alice Bailey Brown54 yrs old
Brown, Harold D. b. 9/Oct/1930 d 16/Oct1976
Brown, Golda b 16/Apr/1905 d 11/Oct/1977 d/o George and Rosa Perry Toler72 yrs old
Brown, Luther b 1902 d 1942 s/o Sidney and Cora Brown B.
Brown, Alta Marie b 2/July/1904 d 9/Oct/1979 d/o B.W. & Minnie Adkins Vance
Brown, Babyb d 193275 yrs old
Brown, Carmel b 1924d 1926
Brown, William Robert b 8/Nov/1928 d 3/Aug/1970 WV PFC 130 CML Procc Co Koreas/o Carlos and Rosa Bell Fannin Brown41 yrs old
Brown, Michael Allen b 1956 d 1975 PVT US Army
Brown, Conor Ezra b 6/Jan/1914 d 7/Jan/1914
Brown, Alice Toler b 24/Apr/1862 d 2/Sep/1945 2nd wife of James Dolliver Brownd/o Isaac Martin Toler and Isobel Vance
Son of Isaac & Flora Brown b d 9/Aug/1918
Brown, Lucian 9/Oct/1898d 6/Sept/1963s/o Lemuel and Amanda Brown Brown
Brown, David Lemmel [unmarked]b.13/Feb/1927d.28/Feb/1935s/o Lucian and Ada Acord BrownCOD: swallowed a marble
Brown, Carlos R.Dates covered with Dirt WV PVT CO D 329 Inf. WWI
Brown, Rosie Belle b 13/Apr/1906 KY d. 4/Oct/1981 d/o Calm and Marietta Tomblin Fannan
Brown, Bernie R. b 30/June/1922 d 25/June 1923
Brown, Ed b 12/Mar/1904 22/nov/1920s/o Isaac and Flora Burgess Brown
Bering, Dora Ann b 7/May/1884 d 3/Dec/1955 d/o Joseph & Rebecca Rader Malcolm
Browning, Joe E. b 31/Aug/1922 d 26/Sept/1965 PFC CO L 104 Inf. WWII
Brown, Melanie b 18/Aug/1943d 18/Aug/1943 Daughter of Charles Edward Brown and Irene Brown
Brown Clyde Owen b 21/June/1942 d 29/June/1942 Daughter of Charles Edward Brown and Irene Brown
Brunty, James Ransomb. 24/Aug/1889KYd. 26/Feb/1972 s/o Bob and Mahaly ___ Brunty82 yrs old
Bryant, Ada Perryb 5/Jan/1893 d 20/June/1979 daugh of James Dolliver and Alice Toler Brown --Twin to Roy Brown
Bryant, Andrew Jacksonb 20/Sept/1886 KY d 9/Apr/1967s/o Andrew and Lucinda Evans Bryant80 yrs old
Burns, William David b 23/June/1886 OH d 13/Mar/1952s/o Eugene and Edith Steadman Burns
Cassidy, John L. b 6/July/1934d 9/July/1934
Cassidy, Mary B. b 1/Apr/1912d 21/July/1938
Caudill, Emmett H.b 15/Aug 1882 KYd 21/Jan/1969s/o John and Nancy Sturgill Caudill86 yrs old
Christian, Albert L. Jr. b 31/May1908d 2/Aug/1952
Church, Jamie Bobby b 1978 d 1979
Claypool, Elizabeth b 1836 d 1907
Claypool, Williamb 28/Feb/1932d 28/Apr/1901
Claypool, Laurab 1870d 1951
Claypool, Monroe b 1858 d 1931
Cline, Leona b 5/May/1886 d 3/Sept/1961 d/o Lewis and Rosa Brown Perry
Cline, J.C. b 3/Jan/1880 d 8/Feb/1933
Cline,Gordon M.b 8/Nov/1915d 28/Sept/1950
Cline, Lewis B b 4/July/1881 d 21/Spt/1974
Cline, Rosa B. b21/Mar/1890 d 29/Dec/1966
Cline, Witcher b 2/Aug/1891 d 4/July/1972 s/o George and Martha Cole Cline80 yrs old
Cline, Rosanna b 7/Aug/1891 KY d 25/Feb/1970 d/o Douglas and Emma Staton Hackney78 yrs old
Cline, Hazel b Mar/1905d Jan 1922
Collins, Beatrice P b 22/Oct/1916 d 26/Aug/1972 d/o Charley and Macy Smith Whitlock55 yrs old
Collins, Millard Fillmore b 3/June/1913 d 20/Jan/1972 s/o Rutherford and Elizabeth McCarty Collins58 yrs old
Collins, Clyde b 15/Oct/1911 d 28/Mar/1973
Collins, Evelyn b 19/Aug/1916 d 26/Feb/1971
Collins, Kenneth Paulb 26/Jan/1943 d 23/Aug/1968
Collins, Loren Jr. b 25/Nov/1905 OHd 3/Feb/1956s/o Liss and Kate May Collins
Cook Russell Rayb 1912 d 1969
Copeland, Ellis b. 27/May/1922d 7/Feb/1951 s/o Marcum and Mary Kirk Copeland PFC 338 Inf. WWIICOD: Auto Accident
Copeland, Charles Randolph b 24/July/1916 d 18/Feb/1951 s/o Marcum and Mary Kirk Copeland WV TEC 315 Inf. 79 DIV WWIICOD: Auto Accident
Clevenger, Nancyb. 5/June/1917 d. 18/July/1981 d/o Okey and Vina Mae Morgan Morgan64 yrs old
Corns, Ocie b. 9/July/1905 d. 24/Jan/1948
Corns, Gregory Ray b. 22/Nov/1968 d. 31/July/1971
Cox, Lafeb.17/Jan/1882d.15/Mar/1953s/o Marion and Mary Jane Coburn Cox
Cox, Nellie b. 15/Aug/1888 d. 4/Dec/1964d/o Pat and Oma Williams Moore
Crabtree, Mary B. b. 13/Oct/1910 d. 5/Apr/1963
Crabtree, Jake Monroeb. 8/Feb/1906d. 13/Sept/1961s/o Anthony and Rebecca Chaffins Crabtree
Cryway, Peteb. 1882d. 1943
Curry, Vanb. 9/Oct/1875d. 21/Jan/1961
Curry, Rhodab. 1874d. 1952
Davis, Robert J.b. 2/Nov/1939 d. 7/June/1940
Davis, Jesseb. 22/June1921d. 4/Nov/1938
Davis, Negieb. 9/Oct/1889d. 18/June/1939
Davis, Gladysb. Apr/1919d. Dec/1939
Davis, J.E.b. 9/July/1886d.13/Dec/1939
Deer, Eva Fayeb. 1908d. 26/June/1983 d/o Guy and Jane Hager Frye77 yrs old
Devaney, Lizzieb. 25/Apr/1881 d. 13/Nov/1909Wife of T. Devaneyd/o James D. and Alice Toler Brown
Elkins, Pattersonb. 15/June/1853d. 24/June/1924s/o Thomas and Virginia Brown Elkins
Ellis, W.G. (Bill)b. 1904d. 1964
Ellison, Georgeb. 7/Dec/1905d. 24/July/1974
England, Mary Janeb.d. 16/Aug/1947daugh of Virgel England
England, Jimmieb.d. 1938son of Isom & Etta England
Farley, Garnet b.23/Apr/1897d. 8/Jan/1971 d/o Matt and Leona Estep Dempsey75 yrs old
Farley, Carol Leeb. 20/Oct/1946d. 12/Feb/1947
Ferguson, Kenner C.b. 4/Jan/1898d. 26/May/1925
Fields, Jamesb 29/Jan/1900 Martin Co KYd.30/Jan/1966s/o David and Miranda Hinkle Fields
Frazier, James E.b. 4/Sept/1893 KYd. 27/May/1965s/o George and Georgia Roberts Frazier71 yrs old
Gallo, Antonio b. 1880d. 1935
Gallo, Catherineb. 25/Apr/1911d. 26/Jan/1923
Gallo, Fannie [unmarked]b.1917 - 7 yrsd.14/Feb/1924d/o Toney and Therse Lapitrone GalloCOD: Typhoid Fever
Garrett, Fredb. 25/Mar/1896d.24/Dec1963WV PFC CO C 318 Inf. WWI
Garrett, Hannahb. 1868d. 1942
Garrett, Hyattb. 6/June/1902d. 2/Apr/1973 s/o George and Hannah Newman Garrett70 yrs old
Glenn, Freddie J.b. 16/Oct/1949d. 21/Dec/1977
Glenn, James Patb. 9/Sept/1899 OHd. 22/Oct/1981 s/o Joe and Stella Fisk Glennh/o Ada Bell Grimmett Glenn
Goodman, Imogeneb. 5/Oct/1926 d. 23/Mar/1929d/o Ezra and Hannah Lallor GoodmanCOD: Burns
Goodman, Earnest P.b. 11/May/1923d. 23/Mar/1929s/o Ezra and Hannah Lallor GoodmanCOD: Burns
Griffith, Mary b. 4/July/1903d. 29/Oct/1948
Garrett, Hyatt b. 6/June/1902d. 2/Apr/1973
Hall, Raymond b. 1910d. 1956
Hall, Clarenceb. 4/Dec/1901 KYd. 25/Nov/1961s/o Lewis and Fannie Johnson Hall
Hall, Belinda Ruthb. 28/May/1950d. 3/Feb/1956
Hall, Lewisb. 30/Jan/1879d. 12/Jan/1962
Hall, Fannieb. 12/Dec/1878 KYd. 7/Sept/1959d/o George and Effie Nunnalley Johnson
Hall, Amandab.1/25/1889KYd.Feb/1965 d/o George Washington Johnson and Ebbie Nunley
Hall, Lolab. 1914d. 1983
Hall, Georgannb. 7/June/1872 KY d. 30/May/1961d/o Wm and Mary Cummings Loveless
Harless, Bessieb. 2/Dec/1895d. 19/Feb/1920daugh of James D. & Alice Toler Brown
Hartman, Marthab. 1894d. 1953
Hartman, Bertb. 1882d. 1939
Hartman, Helen Ruthb. 2/Dec/1914d. 17/Oct/1977
Hendricks, Freda Fayeb. 5/Mar/1917d. 3/Mar/1971 d/o Ray and Nannie Nicholes Syrus53 yrs old
Hendricks, Orvilleb. 8/May/1914d. 25/Jan/1975
Hinchman, Babyb.d.13/Aug/1915
Hinchman, Walter R.b. 20/Aug/1878d. 20/Feb/1920s/o Lorenzo and Elizabeth Chambers Hinchmanh/o Brook McVey
Hollandsworth, Claudia Ellenb. 17/Mar/1899d. 11/May/1957
Hawkins, Walterb. 8 /July/1901d. 18/Sept/1946
Hurley, James C.b. 10/Aug/1887d. 25/Apr/1949
Hurley, Maryb. 27/May/1894d. 4/Feb/1973
Janney, P.J.b. 9/June/1875d. 4/Aug/1941
Jarrell, Jesse W.b. 7/Aug/1908d. 23/May/1974
Johnson, Roy E.b. 9/Apr/1915d. 24/Sept/1953 s/o Demp and Anna Bell Crank Johnson
Justice, Green W. b. 28/Oct/1900 d.24/Feb/1977 s/o Cecil and Mary Vance Justice76 yrs old
Justice, Basil J. b. 4/Mar/1882 d. 17/July/1979
Justice, Rush b. 1/Aug/1889 d. 16/Apr/1942
Justice, Mary No dates
Keck, Walton b. 28/Feb/1917 d. 24/June/1976 s/o Jams Henry and Lelia Harbour Keck59 yrs old
Keck, Mamilee b. 18/Jan/1922 d. 23/June/1969d/o Nathan and Elizabeth McCoy Stevens47 yrs old
Kennedy, Eva Deloris b. 24/Jan/1938 d. 2/Mar/1969d/o Robert and Eva Davis Davis31 yrs old
Kessler, L.L. b. 1868 d. 1947
Kessler, Rosa b. 15/Jan/1871 d. 20/May/1965d/o Jim and ___Martin Lawrence94 yrs old
Kessler, Jessie b. 1904 d. 1958
Kuhner, Rosa b. 22/June/1877 d. 3/May/1968
Lacy, Tracy b. 30/May/1897 d. 16/Feb/1971 WV PFT US Army WVI
Lacy, Leroy b. 18/Jan/1942 d. 2/Jan/1964 PFC USA
Lehman, Mary Jane b. 7/Mar/1888 d. 26/Mar/1945
Lehman, O. Hilton b. 19/Nov/1926 d. 5/Jan/1941
Lehman, Gillispie b. 1/May/1873 d. 1/Jan/1940
Lehman, Clyde E. b. 1914 d. 1973 s/o Elsworth and Mary Jane Baker Lehman WV PFC 806 Engineers WWII58 yrs old
Lemon, Randall Eugene b. 21/Oct/1969 d. 21/Oct/1969 son of Robert & Janice Davidson
Lemon, Infant
Lemon, Pauline Brown b.27/Dec/1921 d. 21/Apr/1966 daugh of Bittle D. & Hattie Miller Brown
Lemon, Robert Anthony b. 18/Feb/1952 d. 18/Feb/1952 Son of Robert & Pauline Brown Lemon
Linville, Carl b. 4/May/1902 d. 19/Jan/1946
Linville, Delilah b. 9/Jan/1877 d. 29/July/1942
Linville, Hullene b. 23/July/1924 d. 19/Mar/1931
Lyall, Wm. B. 1869 d. 1938h/o Edith Belcher Lyall
Lyall, Edith Belcher b. 1875 d.7/15/1924
Lyall, Glen Vernon b. 1/Oct/1925 d. 10/Feb/1929s/o Lawson and Fay Owens Lyall
M_____, Mae b. 6/Apr/1886 d. 24/Dec/1944
Magy, Helen b. 27/Apr/1922 d. 24/Sept/1924
Manning, Earlb. 29/Mar/1900KYd. 26/Dec/1971 s/o John James and Polly Coffee Manning71 yrs old
Manning, Ida b. 20/Dec/1895 KY d. 1/Sept/1981 d/o Lane and Eliza ___ Lambert
Mayhorne, Tom b. 22/Jan/1892 d. 18/May/1972 s/o Van and Polly McNeely Mayhorne80 yrs old
McClung, Edward W. b. 1860 d. 1946
McClung, Hallie S. b. 1866 d. 1933
McCulley, Bertha Mae b 4/Dec/1916 d. 7/Apr/1967
McCulley, Mickey (baby) b. 1940 d. 1941
McGuire, Woodrow Oscar b. 5/May/1916 d. 20/Aug/1957s/o Thomas Oscar and Belle Charles McGuire
McVey, Christopher C. b. 20/Aug/1867 d. 2/Dec/1960s/o Richard and Mary Hutchinson McVey
Miller, Louemma b. 31/Jan/1880 d. 14/Jan/1923 daugh of Lewis Hardin & Nancy Mullins Ryan
Miller, Anthony b.8/Oct/1873 d. 28/Sept/1941 son of Andrew Lewis Miller & Mary Collins Miller
Miller, Glenn G. b. 10/Oct/1913 d.30/Nov/1914
Mills, James H. b. 15/Feb/1906 d. 20/Oct/1974
Morgan, Walter Elias b. 15/June/1918 d. 21/Apr/1966s/o Okey and May Morgan Morganh/o Ruth Mosley Morgan
Morgan, Chester C. Jr. b stillborn d. 10/Oct/1961 s/o Chester and Mary Altizer Morgan
Morgan, Chester C. b. 17/Mar/1923d. 4/July/1985s/o Fred P. and Mae Booten Morgan
Morgan, Katherine E. b. 24/Jan/1960 d. 14/Oct/1965
Morgan, Darrel Dwayne b. 7/Dec/1968 d. 7/Dec/1968s/o Chester C. and Mary F. Altizer Morgan
Moore, Pat b. 6/May/1876 d. 27/Apr/1955
Morris, Loula b. 14/Jan/1901 d. 20/Apr/1973 d/o Matt and Leona Estep Dempsey72 yrs old
Morrison, Clovis b. 5/June/1912 d. 25/June/1937
Mosley, Roy Lee b. 4/July/1904 d. 10/May/1945
Mosley, Robert Lee b. 4/June/1931 d. 4/Dec/1959s/o Wm. and Lucinda Standifur Mosley
Mosley, George b. 1878 d. 1947s/o Robert Lee Mosley and Mandy Lee
Mosley, Sula b. 11/Nov/1881 d.28/June/1965d/o Tom and Elizabeth Browning Hammond
Napier, James b. 8/June/1903 d. 20/June/1941
Noid, Lewis H. b.30/May/1890 d.8/7/1930Killed in mines
O'Neal, Mary Violet b. 13/Nov/1917 d. 11/Feb/1974 d/o Sanford and Inez Brown O'Neal56 yrs old
O'Neal, Dewey b. 10/Nov/1918 d. 13/Oct/1977
O'Neal, Harry b. 1900 d. 1945
O'Neal, Andrew Jackson b. 22/Mar/1874 d. 30/Mar/1935s/o John and N. O'Nealh/o Pearl Smith O'Neal
O'Neal,Nancy Pearl b. 26/Aug/1892 d. 24/Aug/1931d/o James and Sarah White Smithw/o Andy O'Neal
O'Neal, Clem b. 2/Aug/1912 d. 16/Sept/1931
O'Niel, Fairy b. 8/Jan/1923 d. 4/Aug/1944
Parsons, Roy J. b. 18/Sept/1904 d. 16/July/1969 PVT US Army WWII
Parsons, Clifford Kyle b. 19/Dec/1883 d. 3/Jan/1968
Parsons, Ava b. 7/Jan/1881 d. 17/Mar/1940 d/o George W. and Hanna Newman Garrett
Pahl, Billb. 1908d. 1941
Pahl, Norbert S.b. 1915d. 1958
Pauley, Donald F.b. 11/Jan/1929d. 22/Aug/1932
Pauley, Collin R.b. 22/Jan/1930d. 14/Aug/1931
Perry, Virdie M.b.1887d. 1963
Perry, Archieb. 1904d. 1974
Perry, Estel H.b. 1920d. 1971
Perry, Billy Sundayb. 6/Oct/1914d.14/Dec/1944
Perry, Lewisb. 1881d. 1974
Perry, Mike H.b.1908d. 1968
Perry, Arnold R.b. 1911d. 1969
Perry, Arvil R.b. 30/Nov/1913d. 8/Jan/1914 son of M.F. & Ada Perry
Phillips, NettieB. 1892d. 1934
Plumley, Carlosb. 25/June/1922d. 11/Oct/1969BM2 USNR WWII
Plumley, Bessie S.
Powers, Timothy Rayb. 3/Aug/1957d. 27/July/1976
Redmon, Sarahb. 1886d.1962
Redmon, Roxieb. 14/Sept/1911d. 24/Aug/1978
Robertson, A.B.b. 7/Apr/1885d. 22/Apr/1925
Robertson, Mrs. L.J.b. 1/Jan/1866d. 2/Nov/1918
Robertson, Paul Odellb. 8/Oct/1932d. 19/Sept/1933
Robertson, Sarah E.b. 23/Dec/1887d. 17/Sept/1960
Robertson, Sebernb. 6/Aug/1887d. 19/Jan/1974
Robinette, Ida F.b. 25/Oct/1895d. 22/Feb/1969
Robinette, JamesB 27/July/1885d. 20/Sept/1956
Sexton, Oren Leeb. 13/May/1911 d. 11/Feb/1955
Short, Myla E. Clineb. 1911d. 1936
Sanson, Melvin L.b. 9/Feb/1918 d. 25/Apr/1945 PFC HA. CO 289 INF Regt WWII
Smith, Charles H.b. 1888 d. 1922
Smoot, J.C.b. 3/Sept/1925 d. 7/Mar/1928
Smoot, Harlanb. 25/Oct/1921 d. 30/Oct/1966
Smoot, Ada Annb.8/Sept/1890 d. 1/Apr/1973
Spencer, Lora Stewartb. 1900d. 1934
Spurlock, S.J.b. 2/July/1868d. 31/Aug/1943
Spears. Essie Loub. 1892d. 1968
Stevens, Cecil Rayb. 22/Jan/1910d/ 22/Dec/1942
Stevenson, Truman, (Rev.)B. 1906d. 1963
Stevenson, Norman L.b. 21/Jan/1929d. 14/Mar/1960
Stevenson, Goldieb. 17/Feb/1910d. 30/Mar/1972
Stevenson, Martinb. 14/Jan/1904 d. 24/Aug/1980
Stevenson, Fredb. 2/Dec/1910 d. 2/Feb/1958 WV PFC Armd Signal 1 CO WWII
Staton, Minnie Brooksb. 24/Jan/1887d. 17/July/1966
Stewart, Lena Maryb. 21/Sept/1897 d. 23/Aug/1975
Stewart, Betty Joe Clayb. 21/Aug/1927d. 24/Mar/1979
Stewart, Virgelb. 9/Jan/1897 d. 18/Dec/1930
Stout, Elsie Florence Brown b. 9/May/1897 d. 1975 daugh of James Dolliver Brown AND Bethena Alice Toler Brown
Strain, Nancy L.b. 11/Dec/1867 d. 16/Mar/1925
Stumbo, Jackieb. 24/Apr/1935d. 12/Jan/1936
Tilley, Lake M. b. 1896d. 1964
Tilley, A.B.1893
Tilley, Amelia d. 14/Mar/1923
Tiller, Fayb. 28/May/1926d. 28/Oct/1973
Thomas, Stevenb. 17/Jan/1928d. 10/Aug/1929
Thompson, Martha J.b. 11/Nov/1872 d. 26/Sept/1956
Thompson, Buddy b. 22/May/1922 d. 19/Dec/1946
Toler, Ann Brookb. 28/Jan/1889 d. 20/Oct/1971
Toler, Bernie Leeb. 19/Feb/1922 d. 22/Mar/1922
Toler, G.W.b. 1900d. 1947
Toler, Charles Dennis b. 4/June/1946d. 11/July/1970 WV SP4 Trp C 6 Army Regt. Vietnam. Brother of Elliot
Toler, Elliot L.b. 22/June/1934 d. 24/Oct/1936Brother of Charles
Toler, Mormie b. 29/Dec/1924 d. 14/May/1925
Toler, Bernard Wetzel b. 15/Nov/1922 d. 9/July/1967 son of Esau & Laura Daniels TolerCPL 498 Bomb GP AAF WWII
Toler, Martin Sr. b. 14/Dec/1908 d. 4/Jan/1979
Toler, Christopher Del d. 19/Apr/1970
Toler, Edmond D. b. d. 5/May/1985 Toney Fork, J. Martin &
Ethel Cline Toler
Vanatter, Carolyn b 12/Dec/1948 d 13/Aug/1973
Vance, Vertie Marie b 22/May/1922
Vance, Ulysses b 11/Oct/1885 d 27/Nov/1960
Vance, Mary R. b 17/June/1863 d 18/Mar/1944
Vance, Ulysses b 24/July/1856 d 10/Apr/1920
Vance, L. B. b 1879 d 1942
Vance, V.R. b 1921 d 1942
Vance, Charles F. b 1948 d 1953 Son of Roy & Virginia Bailey Vance
Vance, Wm H b 1871 d 1964 (Uncle Billy)
Vance, Laura Alice b 1873 d 1960
Vance, W.A. b 1876 d 1951
Vance, Margaret b 20/Mar/1855 d 27/Jan/1923 (wife of W.A.)
Vance, J.M. b 3/June/1856 d 17/Sept/1933 Eli & Nancy Brown Vance
Vance, Mike H. b 7/May/1909 d 26/Aug/1937
Vance, C.B. b 26/Feb/1902 d 6/Mar/1943
Vance, Martha A. b 1/Oct/1879 d 23/Feb/1961
Vance, Huda R. b 5/Apr/1907 d 28/Feb/1955
Vance, Leonard No dates
Vance, Minnie b 1882 d 1924
Vance, B. Wesley b 1881 d 1933
Vance, Lena Mae b 4/May/1898 d 16/Mar/1955
Vanhoose, Gracie B. b 25/Mar/1897 d 30/Jan/1936
Vernatter, Roy b 31/Jan/1912 d 26/Nov/1977
Vernatter, Josie b 1885 d 1944
Vernatter, Seamon b 1873 d 1937
Vernatter, Harry b 2/Aug/1903 d 22/Mar/1965
Walford, Benj. David b 23/Jan/1862 d 22/June/1931
Walls, John L. b 1899 d 1949
Ward, Barney R. b 1892 d 1965
Ward, Walter Moore b 1919 d 1934
Ward, George C. b 8/July/1905 d 18/Nov/1951
Wellman, Victoria b 9/May/1875 d 4/Mar/1919
White, Matilda b 15/Sept/1913 d about 65 yrs. old
White, Cornelius b 21/Mar/1911 d about 68 yrs. Old
White, Goldie Hollandsworth b. 5/Aug//1901 d. 30/Dec/1973
White, Isobel b 1825 d 1902
White, Hugh C. b 2/Feb/1887 d 25/Aug/1947
White, Mary McVey b 4/Jan/1888 d 12/Apr/1957
White, Harry b 1918 d 1966
White, April Elen b 15/Feb/1969 d 26/Feb/1972
White, Herbert E. b. 28/Ja/1913 d 5/Nov/1928
White, Victoria b 27/Mar/1878 d 3/Nov/1965
White, C. Bruce b 1877 d 1918?
White, Lacy W. b 26/Nov/1893 d 19/Sept/1968 PVT 4 Co 155 Depot Brig
White, Emory W. b 28/Nov/1909 d. 23/Sept/1969
White, Francis F. b 10/Dec/1903 d 3/Nov/1955 d/o Robert & Alice Dudley Plot
White, James A. b 20/Aug/1909 d 19/Jan/1973
White, Nannie b 4/Oct/1904 d 3/Nov/1904 d/o G.B. & Victoria White
Whitlock, Mary P. b 4/Feb/1895 d 4/Sept/1923
Whitlock, Charles Sr. b 15/Dec/1879 d 12/Nov/1954
Whitt, Claude b 19/June/1897 d 20/Mar/1964 PVT CO 13 163 Inf. 41 Div
Whitt, Sarah A. b 12/Apr/1902 d 20/Feb/1969
Whittaker, C.E. b 1869 d 1955
Wilbur, Gene A. d 1949
Williams, Ralph b 29/Feb/1940 d 31/May/1951
Williams, Shelby T. b 1919 d 1934
Wilson, Robie b 18/July/1921 d 31/July/1923
Wright, Josie b 1896 d 1965
Wright, James Sr. b 1889 d 1970
Wright, Blaine b 1917 ? d 1952
Zirkles, Nancy Jane b 13/Jan/1854 d 15/Apr/1925
Zirkles, James L. Co A 22 VA INF. CSA (Husband of Delma F.)