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1840 Logan County VA/WV Census

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Donna L. Brown

The following is a list of heads of household on the 1840 Logan County VA/WV Census. Males and Females living within these households were only listed by age, this information will be included here also "as time permits". Ages are shown as Males: 0-5 yrs 5-10 yrs 10-15 yrs 15-20 yrs 20-30 yrs 30-40 yrs 40-50 yrs 50-60 yrs 60-70 yrs 70-80 yrs Females: same Example: 1000100000 0001000000 would be one male between 5- 10 yrs old one male between 20-30 yrs old and one female between 15-20 yrs old.

Joseph Adams
Washington Adams
Bryson Adams
Elias Adkins
Harmon Adkins
Isaac Adkins
Isaac Adkins Jr.
Joshua Adkins
Joshua Adkins
Lewis Adkins
Luke Adkins
William Adkins
David Aldredge
Albert Allen
John Allen
Nicholas Allen
John Allen Jr.
David Altizer
John Averell
Abijah Baldwin
Fielding Baldwin
Archbald Bailey
Doddridge Bailey
Eli Bailey
Harvey Bailey
James Bailey
James Bailey
John Bailey
Thomas Bailey
Edward Baisden
Joseph Baisden
Solomon Baisden
John Baker
Chapman Ballard
Medley Ballard
Rhodes D. Ballard
St. Clair Ballard
Anderson Barker
Joseph Barker
William Barker
John Battiles
Abner Bell
Joseph Bentley
James Bias
Obediah Bias
Obediah Bias Jr.
John Blair
Eli Blankenship
Hiram Blankenship
Jesse Blankenship
Presley Blankenship
Washington Bragg
Isaac Brewer
Isaac Brewer Jr.
Comfort Brewster
Richard Brooks
William Brooks
James Brown
James Brown
John B. Brown
John Brown
Moses Brown
William Brown
Edmund Browning
Francis Browning
Isaac Browning
James Browning
John Browning
Jesse Browning
Jesse Browning
Nathaniel Browning
Simeon Browning
Reese Browning
William Browning
William Browning
William Browning
John Brumfield
Corbin Bryant
Alexander Buchanan
John Burgess
Meredith Burgess
Thomas Burgess
Tandy Burgess
William Burgess
Elizabeth Burr?
Anderson Burrows
Joshua Butcher
Eli Canada
Elizabeth Canada
David Canterbury
Ezekiel Canterbury
Felix Canterbury
Griffin Canterbury
Isaac Canterbury
John Canterbury
John Canterbury
Rufus Canterbury
Samuel Canterbury
Samuel Canterbury
John Carey
Elijah Cartwright
Moses Cartwright
Thomas Cartwright
Joshua Chafin
Pleasant Chafin
William Chafin
Ira A. Chambers
James Chambers
John Chambers
Richard Chambers
Robert Chambers
Thomas Chandler
Edward Chapman
Thomas Chapman
James P. Christian
John B. Clarke
Samuel Clark
Thomas Clark
Charles Clay
Henry Clay
John Claypool
Robert A. Clendenen
Henry Cline
James Cline
John Cline
Michael Cline
Moses Cline
Peter Cline
Peter Cline Jr.
William Cline
James Coleman
Moses Coleman
George Collins
Levi Collins
Garland Conley
Garland Conley Jr.
Henry Conley
Thomas Conley
William Conley
David Cook
Floyd Cook
Jacob Cook
James Cook
James Cook
James W. Cook
John Cook
John Cook Jr.
John D. Cook
John L. Cook
Michael Cook
Robertson Cook
Thomas Cook
Thomas N. Cook
William Cook
William Cook
William Cooke
Frei Copley
Barnabus Curry
Benjamin Curry
John Curry
Robert Curry
Samuel Curry
James Dalton
William Dalton
Richard Dameron
Elizabeth Daniels
John Daniels
Elizabeth Davis
Jesse Davis
Marinda Davis
Rachel Davis
William Davis
Andrew Dempsey
James Dempsey
John Dempsey
Joseph Dempsey
William Dempsey
Mumford Dejournett
Elizabeth Dial
John Dial
Christopher Dillon
Guy Dingess
John Dingess
John Dingess
Julius Dingess
Peter Dingess
Sarah Dingess
William Dingess
William A. Dingess
John Dolin
James Doss
Isaac Dotson
Mary Dotson
William Dotson
George Drake
Mark P. Duncan
George Duty
Absalom Elkins
Archibald Elkins
Daniel Elkins
Elijah Elkins
Harvey Elkins
Levina Elkins
Marvel Elkins
Richard Elkins
Robert Elkins
William Elkins
Zacheus Elkins
Evan Ellis
Henry Ellis
Jacob D. Ellis
Owen Ellis
Phillip Ellis
Squire Ellis
William Ellis
William Ellis
James E. Ellison
William Elswick
Benjamin Evans
Lowery Evans
Richard Evans
Wilson Evans
Henry Farley
Joseph Farley
Nimrod Farley
Samuel Farley
William Farley
William Farley
Jeremiah Farmer
Kelly Ferguson
Andrew Ferrell
Elijah Ferrell
James Ferrell
John Ferrell
John Ferrell
John Ferrell
Richard Ferrell
William Ferrell
George Fry
Hamilton Fry
John Fry
Joseph Fry
John Garrett
Nathan Gibson
John Godbey
Obediah Godbey
William Godbey
William Godbey
Absalom Godfrey
Eli Gore
John Gore
Joseph Gore
Levi Gore
William Griffith
John Grimmett
John Grimmett Jr.
William Grimmett
Andrew Hager
Alexander Hager
Benjamin Hager
Catherine Hager
Hiram Hager
James Hager
James Hager Jr.
John Hager
Joseph Hager
Josiah Hager
Lewis Hager
Phillip Hager
Robert Hager
John Hale
Benjamin Halstead
James Halstead
Joseph Halstead
Francis Hannon
Fredrick Haner
Jacob Haner
Lewis Haner
Noah Haner
George Harris
George Harris
James Harris
Joseph Harris
Simon Harris
Barner Harris
Charles Harrison
Stephen Hart
John Harvey
Joshua Harvey
William Harvey
Aly Hatfield
Andrew Hatfield
Andrew Hatfield
Ephraim Hatfield
Jacob Hatfield
John Hatfield
Joseph Hatfield
Valentine Hatfield
Daniel Hensley
Elijah Hensley
Polly Hensley
William Hensley
Gordon Hill
John Hill
Joseph Hill
Lewis Hill
Lorenzo D. Hill
Thomas Hill
James H. Hinchman
John K. Hinchman
Ulysses Hinchman
William Hinchman
William Hinchman
Daniel Jarrell
Elijah Jarrell
Elizabeth Jarrell
John Jarrell
Loudon Jarrell
Simeon Jarrell
Thomas Jarrell
Young Jarrett
Ezekiel Jeffrey
Josiah Jeffrey
William Jeffrey
William Jeffrey
George Johnston
Richard Johnston
John Jones
William Jones
James Justice
Wilson Kessinger
Hugh Kirk
Jane Lackey
Steel Lafferty
Jonah Lamb
Hiram Lambert
Samuel Lambert
Stephen Lambert
Sarah Lawrence
Abel Lawson
Anthony Lawson
James Lawson
John Lawson
Joshua Lawson
Lewis B. Lawson
William Lawson
Noah Leffler
Joseph Lester
William Lester
John Lilly
Robert Lilly
Preston Linville
Thomas Linville
Bird Lockard
Joseph Lowe
John Lowrey
Charles Lucas
George Lucas
Price Lucas
Ralph Lucas
Shadrach Lucas
Eli Lusk
Jan Madridge
Pleasant Mahon
Jacob Marcum
William Martin
Edward Mason
Nelson Massey
James May
Benjamin Maynard
Mary Maynard
Richard Maynard
William Maynard
Elijah McClure
Jordan McCormick
Andrew McCoy
Asa McCoy
Daniel McCoy
Hiram McCoy
John McCoy
John McCoy
Gordan McDonald
Hercules McDonald
John McDonald
Jonas McDonald
Joseph McDonald
Lewis E. McDonald
Richard McDonald
Stephen M. McDonald
William McDonald
Pyrrhus McGinnis
Joseph McGinnis
Alexander McNeely
James McNeely
John McNeely
John McNeely
Joseph McNeely
Joseph McNeely
Mary McNeely
Richard McNeely
Samuel McNeely
William McNeely
William McNeely
Samuel Meade
Abraham Miller
Daniel Miller
Ezekiel Miller
Daniel Miller
George Miller
Isaac Miller
Jacob Miller
James Miller
John Miller
John Miller Jr.
John Miller
Joshua Miller
Mary Miller
Peter Miller
William Miller
Jordon D. Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell
Sampson Moore
David Morgan
George Morgan
Isaac Morgan
Jonathan Morgan
Thomas Morgan
Charles Mounts
David Mounts
Peter Mounts
William Mounts
Boyd W. Mullens
Hiram Mullens
Isom Mullens
Nathaniel Mullens
Thomas Mullens
Samuel Muncey
Thomas Muncey
Herndon Murphy
John Murphy
Quinton A. Murphy
Solomon Neese
Granville Nelson
Thomas Nelson
William Nelson
Elizabeth Newsom
Solomon Osborne
William Paisley
William Parsons
Daniel Pauley
Henry Pauley
Henry Pauley
Jeremiah Pauley
Joseph Pauley
Joseph Pauley
Lewis Pauley
Samuel Pauley
Squire Pauley
Abram Perry
Arnold Perry
Henry Perry
James G. Perry
Joseph Perry
William Perry
Henry Phillips
Jacob Phillips
John Phipps
John Price
Peter Price
Thomas Price
Tuncil Price
Vernon Price
William Richards
Elijah Riffe
Gabriel Riffe
Gordon Riffe
Peter Riffe
William Riffe
William Roberts
David Robertson
Edwin Robertson
John Rowe
Sampson Robinette
Alexander Runyon
James Runyon
John Runyon
James Russell
David Sansom
Elias Sansom
John Sansom
John Sartain
James Shannon
James H. Shannon
Joseph Shannon
Lain Shannon
Jesse Shepherd
Nancy Simpkins
Edward Sizemore
George Sizemore
John Sizemore
James Slater
Benjamin Smith
David Smith
George Smith
Jacob Smith
Thomas Smith
Charles Smoot
Daniel Smoot
William Smoot
Rhoda Spalding
William Spalding
James Spencer
Odgen Spencer
Isaac Spratt
Benjamin Sprouse
Eli Spurlock
Robertson Spurlock
Thomas Spurlock
John Stafford
Nancy Stafford
William Stafford
James Starr
John Starr
Rutha Starr
Malachi Staton
William Staton
James St. Clair
Ralph Steele
Charles Stewart
George P. Stewart
Robert Stewart
William Stewart
Griffin Stollings
Isaac Stollings
Josiah Stollings
Conway Stone
Crispin S. Stone
John A. Stone
John B. Stone
Samuel S. Stone
Wyatt Stratton
James Suthers
Aaron Taylor
George Taylor
Jesse Taylor
John Taylor
Mary Taylor
Thomas Taylor
James Thompson
John Thompson
William Thompson
David Tiller
Nash Tiller
William Tiller
David Toler
Elisha Toler
William Toler
William Toler
Zachariah Toler
Alexander Tomblin
James Tomblin
James Toney
Squire Toney
William Toney
Eli Trent
Fredrick Trent
Humphrey Trent
Richard Turk
Abner Vance
Abner Vance
John Vance
Richard Vance
Richard Vance
Richard Vance
Stephen Vance
James Vannatter
Jeremiah Vannatter
John Vannatter
Samuel Vannatter
Alexander Varney
Griffin Vickers
John Vickers
Simeon Vickers
William Walker
Augustus Wall
Erastus Wall
Jacob Wall
James Wall
Joseph Wall
Elizabeth Waller
George Webb
Moses Webb
Richard Welch
Ann White
Arthur White
Benjamin W. White
Charles White
Elijah White
James H. Workman
John Workman
John Workman
Joseph Workman
Joseph Workman
Joseph Workman
Joseph Workman
Moses Workman
Moses Workman
Obediah Workman
Robert Workman
Squire Workman
Russell Workman
Thomas Workman
Nathan Young