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History of the Battle of Laurel Hill

On, June 8, 1861 all of the Confederates in the Tygart River Valley were organized by their new commander, Brigadier General Robert S. Garnett.  Garnett entrenched his troops a two key points: Laurel Hill and Rich Mountain.  By July 8, Garnet had 3,351 troops at Laurel Hill a smaller force at under the Colonel Pegram was at Rich Mountain.   Among the troops at Laurel Hill was the 1st Virginia, 31st Virginia, and the 37th Virginia Infantries.  The Pittslvania, Charlotte, Greenbrier, Bath and Rockbridge Cavalries and the Danvilee Artillery were also present.  The Union forces were the 7th Indiana, 6th Ohio, 15th Ohio, 16th Ohio, 1st (West) Virginia, and the 2nd (West) Virginia Infantries, along with the 1st Ohio Light Artillery.
    The Union forces were led by General Morris.  The battle began with both sides sending out patrols to check out each other, only to be driven off by infantry and artillery fire.  On July 11th, the sounds of battle could be heard in the distance.  General Garnet, afraid of Being Surrounded retreated.  Mistaking his own forces for the enemy at Beverly, he retreated towards Parsons.  At Corricks Ford he became the first Civil War General to be killed in action.

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