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Welcome To Crack And Peep Poultry

Hi and thanks for visiting. We raise many different kinds of poultry. In standard chickens we raise Rhode Island Red, Buff Cochin, Barred Rock, and White Leghorn. Bantams: Silver Duckwing OE, BB Red OE, Red Pyle OE, Silkes, Black Cochins, Buff cochins, Brown Cochins, Black-tailed Japs, and Mille Fleur. Ducks: Khaki Campbell, Peiken, Crested, and Blue Swedish. Geese: African, White Chinese, and Toulouse. We will have some Bantam and Standard chicks in a couple of weeks for sale. Our geese and ducks eggs were just put into the incubator. Email us with any questions, comments, advice, or anything else. We are new at this web page stuff, so check back often to see the changes, also any help with web page construction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for visiting our site, please visit again. If you want to E-mail us then click below. Thanks.


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Here is our message board if you want to visit it. You can post with any questions, comments, wanted, or for sale adds. No bad language, or arguments permitted. Thanks.
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If you want to chat with a friend or just chat then you can go here. We really hope that all of our visitors have fun but don't fight or argue.

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