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History of the Class of 1971

On August 29, 1967 we entered the doors of Scott High as Freshmen, from all areas of the community, a bunch of scared children, starting all over as if the beginning of the first grade. Numbering a slight 296. We all became close friends, shared feelings, emotions, experimented and experienced the growing pains of a four year period that fused us together as friends for life. Some of us have stayed close since graduation, yet others have drifted far apart. So with this web page maybe a few can drift together again. Even if its only for a short time or just a chat for a few moments.

Our Principal was Charles Schrader.

To conduct us through our first year were our Freshmen sponsors:

Jean Tye, Thomas Miller, David Radcliff, Swanie Smoot, Lillian Church, Dora Jo Brynside, Julia Browning, Readith Doss, Lillian Hensley, and Betty Jackson

along with our Freshman Teachers:

Soon after school started we helded an election and chose as class officers:

President- Wes Price, Vice President- Bobby Meadows, Secretary Treasurer-Mike Estep, Historian-Margie Ball.

Our Motto became

"Todays minds meet tomorrow's challenge."

We decided that our colors were to be gold and blue.

The cheering squad for the Freshmen teams was made up of:

Teresa Tierno- Head, Susie Adkins-Co-Head, Jeanie Garreu, and Rada Walker. They cheered the great Little Hawks of "67-68" to many victories.

Our first Homecoming on October 6 was an exciting new experience. After a week of hard work we placed second with our float "Scott Puts the Bite on Sherman." The game was also a victorious one shutting out Seth 30-0.


No Longer Greenhorn's

We came back to Scott our Sophomore year no longer "green horns." 252 of us were now experienced high-schoolers.

Our sponsors were:

Swanie Smoot, Lillian Church, Dora Jo Burnside, Lillian Hensley, Betty Jackson, David Radcliff, Julia Browning, and Thomas Miller.

The Sophomore class officers chosen were:

Ernie Burns-President-President, Tom Hays-Vice President, Cathy Lucas-Secretary Treasurer, and Belinda Adams- Historian.

Homecoming was a rainy and sad event when we were defeated 36-6 by Dupont.

We got back our good spirits when our float "Purr-plexed" came in second.

Rada Walker was chosen co-head of the JV cheerleaders and Dinah Price became a Scott High majorette.

Our boys took part in all fields of sports and gave their best efforts to the teams.

And please remember those's that is no longer with us.


This way we will know who visited

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