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1st row

Rada Walker

Gail Craddock

Linda Wilcox

Georgia Ferrell

Belinda Hill

Glenda Miller

Sue "Ison" White

Susie Adkins

Debbie Holley


2nd row

Belinda Bell

Darlene McKinny

Jeanne Garrett

Cathy Adkins

Brenda Bias

Rosemary Booth

Pam Stewart

Ronnie Harless

Bonita Hager

Freda Miller

Doug Clark

3rd row


Michal Varney

Ernie Burns

David White

Mike Estep

Wes Price

Riccii Stone

Richard Miller

Gary Saunders

Sam Coakley

David Roads

Keith Roberts

Bozo Griffth

4th row

Gary Bell

Barry Stollings

John Cook

Allen Meadows

Steve Perkins

Charles Gilliam

James Bias

Paul Chambers

Not in photo

John Howell

David Baisden


The entire 20 year reunion was DEDICATED to John David Cook. John was a member of the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army and served in Saudi Arabia in Defense of the Kuwaiti Government.

Thanks John for making the class of 1971 very proud.

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