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Built in Sunderland in 1844; 132 x 30 feet; 850 register tons. In February 1845, the Sir George Seymour of London, Woolwich to Hobart direct under Captain John Young had landed 169 male convicts at Hobart after a 110-day passage, landing a further 175 males at Geelong.

In November 1847, the Seymour, Gravesend to Auckland direct under Captain T W Millan, landed the 4th Detachment of the Royal New Zealand Fencibles led by Major Gray. The party, which soon became known as the "Howick Fencibles" had seen the embarkation of 77 pensioners, 58 women and 109 children. Dysentery and consumption caused fourteen deaths on the voyage. Sixteen seamen also deserted on arrival at Auckland [see Sir Geo. Seymour log. National Archives 1A/3/2/3. Col. Secretary's Office, General Register 1844-1847, 47/2564].

Sold foreign about 1866, the vessel's last British owners were Higgin & Company.


[ The Port Victoria Customs Department Ships Report Outwards No. 49 for January 1851 recorded the departure] 16 January Sir George Seymour, 850 tons, Goodson, 19 crew, for Sydney in ballast, Alport agent.

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