Update 10 from Syd's visit to Williams Lake, British Columbia

A big hello to everyone


Syd has finished his final full day with us. Before we tell you about his

Friday we must mention last night. Syd went down to the Williams Lake

business peoples award meeting in hopes of meeting the 1998 Williams Lake

Stampede queen contestants. The girls had arrived early because they were

looking forward to meeting this special guy from Australia. They were very

excited and they each just had to hold Syd and have their pictures taken

with him. Syd had a special surprise in store for him, he got to meet the

current Miss Williams Lake Stampede Queen. Was he excited, he didn't expect

to meet royalty.

Last night Syd could hear the ducks and geese down at the lake honking. He

was told that the ducks and geese and swans were just returning from their

migration south. Some will stay around here and some will fly farther north

for the spring and summer months.

The children kept Syd pretty close by today since it was his last full day

here. After lunch he had a special visitor. Mr. Butcher, our district

Superintendent of schools came into the classroom. The children told him

about Syd and how we were lucky enough to have him come to visit. Just

before home time each of the kids whispered something special into Syd's

ear and gave him a big hug. You will have to ask Syd what they said. We

also discussed what pictures and things we should send along with Syd.

I think there may be some tears when we go off to mail Syd to Illinois. I

must admit that when you look into Syd's eyes it is almost as if he is

real. He has quite a personality!

Bye for now

students and staff of Marie Sharpe Elementary