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Contributed by David W. Neerman



Ninian Beall and his wife Mary Stricker were early settlers of Brooke County, West Virginia, moving there about 1796 when it was still Ohio County, Virginia. Ninian and Mary were both probably born in Frederick County, Maryland, and were married in Frederick City on March 7, 1780. Long thought to be Ninian Edmonston Beall, son of Benjamin Beall, recent research shows him to be a son of James Beall of Frederick County. Mary was born Anna Maria Stricker on January 27, 1763 to George Stricker and his wife Catherine Springer.

Ninian and Mary sold their property in Frederick County in 1796 and probably moved to Brooke County about that time. Ninian died April II, 183 1, and Mary died February 2, 1843, and both were buried on their farm in a small family cemetery. Their descendants later had their gravestones set into a cement monument on the site, and the monument can be seen today although most of the stones are now worn smooth. The monument is in a grove of trees and shrubs in front of the Hukill family residence on McAdoo Road in Brooke County.

Ninian and Mary had eleven children: (1) George Stricker Beall 1782-1853 of Rush Run, Jefferson County, Ohio; (2) Mary Beall 1784-1860 wife of Harry Hammond of East Springfield, Ohio; (3) James Beall 1789-1866 of Brooke County, (4) Mary Am Beall wife of William Cash (5) Nancy Ann Beall, wife of William Wells; (6) Beth Ann Beall 1794-1849 wife of Hillory Fisher of Brooke County; (7) John Stricker Beall 1798-1852 of Brooke County; (8) Basil Beall 1799-1871 of Brooke County; (9) Benjamin Beall 1801-1827; (10) Ann Eliza Beall 1803-1874 wife of Andrew Jester of Independence, Pennsylvania; and (11) Samuel Beall 1805-1833. Beth Ann and Basil are buried in Franklin Cemetery; James is buried in Lower Buffalo Graveyard; John, Benjamin and probably Samuel are buried in the family cemetery with their parents; and George and Mary are buried in family cemeteries in Ohio.


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