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Contributed by David W. Neerman



George Hammond and his wife Elizabeth Wells were early settlers of what is now Brooke County, West Virginia, moving there from Baltimore County, Maryland about 1787 when it was still part of Ohio County, Virginia. Members of old Maryland families, George was born October 29, 1748 in Baltimore County to Benjamin and Margarite (Talbot) Hammond, and Elizabeth was born February 4, 1758 at Garrison Forest, Baltimore County, to Francis and Ann (Tevis) Wells. George secured a license to marry Elizabeth on June 11, 1779, and at least their first five children were born in Baltimore County before their move west. They purchased 50 acres on Buffalo Creek in Ohio County on October 6, 1788 from Charles and Elizabeth Wells, and later enlarged their holdings there. George and Elizabeth were parents of fourteen children who survived to adulthood, although there are still questions about the order of birth for some of their children. George died October 27, 1813 at home, and his widow died April 8, 1830 at East Springfield, Ohio, at the home of their son Harry. George and Elizabeth were buried on their farm, but their remains were later removed to Brooke Cemetery in Wellsburg where their gravestones can still be seen.

The fourteen children of George and Elizabeth were (1) Charles Wells Hammond 1779- 1840 of Cincinnati Ohio; (2) Rachel Hammond 1780-1844 wife of James Gist of Shannon, Ohio; (3) Harry Hammond 1782-1865 of East Springfield, Jefferson County, Ohio; (4) Nancy Hammond 1783-1848 who lived with her brother Charles in Cincinnati; (5) Ellen Hammond cl785-1827 wife of Thomas Crawford of Brooke County; (6) Rebecca Hammond 1785-1828 who lived with her sister Frances in Somerset. Ohio; (7) Susannah Hammond 1787-1856 wife of George Stricker Beall of Jefferson County, Ohio; (8) Frances Hammond 1791-1862 wife of Charles Crook Hood of Somerset, Ohio; (9) Eliza Hammond 1794-1850 wife of John H. Veirs of Steubenville, Ohio; (10) Thomas Hammond 1796-1867 of Wellsville, Ohio; (I 1) Katherine Hammond 1797-1870 wife of John Merryman of Brooke County; (12) Shandy Hammond, Belmont County, Ohio; (I 3) Rezin Hammond, Belmont County, Ohio; and (14) Talbot Hammond 1802-1871 of Brooke County. Only three of their children, Ellen Crawford, Katherine Merryman, and Talbot, remained in Brooke County. Katherine is buried in Franklin Cemetery, and Talbot is buried in Brooke Cemetery with his wife Hannah Collins.

Talbot and Hannah had ton children, seven of whom are also buried in Brooke Cemetery. Their children were: (1) Mary 1825-1849, first wife of Campbell Tarr Jr.; (2) George 1827-1860 buried in Mt. Wood Cemetery, Wheeling; (3) Sarah 1829-1875 wife of Thomas Buchanan; (4) Nancy 1831-1863 second wife of Campbell Tarr Jr.; (5) Thomas 1833-1889 of Brunswick, Missouri; (6) Charles Hammond 1836-1897 of Brunswick, Missouri; (7) Elizabeth 1838-1921 wife of James Waugh and Daniel Fetter Jacob; (8) Alma 1840-1857 wife of Alexander Wilson; (9) William Hammond 1842-1916; and (10) Robert Wylie Hammond 1844-1892.


Brooke County Genealogy