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916 Main Street was built by Absalom Wells, son of Charles Wells and first wife. (Chas. was proprietor of Charlestown (later named Wellsburg) when Charles Prather set it up.) Further up Main Street at 1124 is another house built by Absalom Wells.

Photo on right shows horse hitch still on berm in front of house.

Brooke County Library is on the left. It was built in 1972. The original Library was organized as the Wellsburg Library Association in 1897.

Across from the Library -- Under the clapboard at the rear part of the house, is a log cabin constructed by Patrick Gass. Mr. Gass was the last surviving member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. At one time it was a tavern. The front part of the house was built about 1850. The rear (log cabin) built in 1797. (First held Court for Brooke County).

1014 Main Street. The history of the Christ Episcopal Church is as old as Wellsburg. It was founded by Rev. Joseph Doddridge in 1792. In 1800 Rev. Doddridge agreed to preach and perform other services of the church every other Sunday evening in Brooke Academy. Among the names signing the agreement were Alexander Campbell, Charles Prather and Henry Prather. About 1833, a church was built at the corner of 7th and Yankee Street. The ground at this site became very swampy and the church was often referred to as the "Old Swamp Church." The church was completely destroyed in the flood of 1884. Construction on this church was started in 1886. It was partially built and adequate for church services. The church and rectory were completed in 1897.


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