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In January 1978, the Brooke County Historical Society received several gifts from a gentleman whose ancestors (the Lloyd Family) once lived in Wellsburg, Virginia (now Wellsburg, West Virginia).

The Lloyd family originally settled in and around the Steubenville Ohio area in the 1780's and moved to Wellsburg in the 1830's.

Among the gifts received was a small 6" x 4 1/2" leather ledger. The first records in the ledger were dated in the 1709's and more than half the ledger was devoted to transactions involving "BUFFALO WHEAT" received from JAMES LLOYD and sent to various mills to be ground. The transactions were in pounds, shillings and pence. MIDDLETOWN, MIDDLETOWN LANDING, GEORG'E RUN and WHITE ---- CREEK were among places named in these transactions.

After the wheat records stopped several pages were devoted to arithmetic problems. After this there appeared school records that commenced October 29, 1798 and after this were a few records kept on store transactions that took place in 1798, 1799 and 1800.

The wheat transactions read: "Middletown, May 23, 1790 Received of Lames Lloyd forty pounds, nineteen shillings and eight pence in full for ninety five bushels of Buffalo Wheat for SAMUEL STROUD to be delivered to him at ________ mill be JAMES COCHRAN.

All of the names in this ledger were not legible but listed below are the names of those mentioned in the wheat transactions:

  • ________Stanton
  • Thomas McCarting
  • Mordea McKinny
  • James Lloyd
  • Van Otten
  • Benjamin White
  • James Thompson
  • Samuel Stewart
  • L. Stewart
  • James Stewart
  • James Cochran
  • Jacob Metzger
  • Jonas Yocom
  • Robert Irwin
  • Robert Garvin
  • John Black
  • William Benjamin
  • Banjamin Shoemaker
  • James Macklin
  • John Lytle
  • Archibald Moore
  • William Harlin
  • Samuel Stroud
  • William Mendinghall
  • Thomas Dixon
  • Joseph Benere
  • Joshua Stroud
  • William Harlon
  • Samuel Lindsey
  • Caleb Byrmere
  • William Davis
  • John Mohr
  • Samuel Dorflinger
  • John Taylor
  • Alexander Gribon
  • George Auling
  • Jacog Robinson
  • Job Robinson
  • John Hanainy
  • Thomas Starr
  • Joshua Stroud & Co.
  • Robert Ewing
  • Samuel Evans
  • Peter Eken
  • John Griffith
  • John Westle
  • Thomas Richards
  • John Holmes
  • Thomas Rose
  • Thomas Miller
  • Robert McIlvanin
  • Merchant

The names mentioned in the school that commenced October 29, 1798 were:

  • James Tucker
  • Joseph White
  • John Lott
  • Polly Lott
  • James Blair
  • Mary Blair
  • William Blair

The names mentioned in the store records were:

  • John Minges
  • Susanna Mills
  • Anthony Hillman
  • Michael Spangler
  • John Fissell
  • Peter Sonders
  • Abram Owens
  • Conrad Fissell
  • W. Crockin
  • Dr. George Faulkenread
  • Dr Frances Swayne
  • Michael Fissell
  • H. Precher
  • Casper Hook
  • Temoest Tucker

Most of these settlers signed their own names but a few made their "X" mark., which indicates that most of these early settlers were educated people.