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...Although churches made their appearance at an early date in and around Brooke County, services were held at homes of the members of these religious groups.

...The first church built in Wellsburg was called "The Regular Baptist Church". It has been said that ALEXANDER CAMPBELL raised the money to build this church with the assistance of JOHN BROWN, MRS. S. H. BAKEWELL (later MRS. ALEXANDER CAMPBELL) AND MISS AMELIA MILLER. The records show that a deed was made for the ground on which it stood in 1816. This church was later occupied by the DISCIPLES under the leadership of ALEXANDER CAMPBELL until 1848 when it was torn down and a new church was built on the northwest corner of Charles and Tenth Streets. This church is now known as "The Christian Church".

...The next church was built in 1816 by members of the "Methodist Episcopal" faith. This church was torn down in 1853 and the present church at the corner of 11th and Charles Streets was erected.

...The first Presbyterian church was built in 1838 and located near the present structure at the corner of 9th and Charles Street. The Episcopal Church was built in 1839. The Catholic Church was built in 1854 on the southeast corner of Commerce and 5th Streets.

....A considerable congregation of Methodists existed at an early date in the region known today as Franklin Community and for a long time worshipped in a house erected at private expense on the farm of C.H. Gist. Later ground was donated to them on Washington Pike by the late Doctor Edward Smith.

....On a ridge south of Buffalo Creek, about two miles from the river, is Kadesh Chapel, one of the very oldest preaching places in the county. It in on record that Judge THOMAS SCOTT of Chillicothe, Ohio an itinerant preacher was here in 1791.

....The Castleman's Campground, a short distance east of Bethany, has a long history among the Methodists. It was started in the early 1800's but was abandoned when the Bellview Campgrounds near the Pennsylvania line was started.

....One of the oldest churches in the county is situated on Eldersville Road about nine miles from Follansbee and is St. John's Episcopal Church. The present building dates from about 1849., The congregation was organized by Dr. JOSEPH DODDRIDGE about 1793 and he preached there for thirty years.