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in Brooke County.

There are records and information at the Brooke County Museum about the following. On some of the family plots, there are no headstone with names, only that there was a cemetery.

Brooke Cemetery. In Wellsburg, on Pleasant Ave at 23rd Street.

Lower Buffalo Established 1795 at Junction of Bealls Ridge and McAdoo Ridge, near PA State Line.

St John's Episcopal Established 1790 on Eldersville Road, out of Follansbee- adjoins church.

Strain 3 miles East on St Johns road, off Eldersville road, Cross Creek District. Established 1804, 1916 deeded to Tent Cem. assoc.

Franklin Washington Pike Rt 28 est. 1830

Cross Creek one mile off State Route #2 est 1839

West Liberty several on farms...

1785 Short Creek Cemetery off Route #2 on North Fork of Short Creek Road.

Tent Church off Eldersville Road Established early 19th century, before 1798. adjacent to Cross Creek Tent United Presbyterian Church

Ebenezer 3 miless our Cross Creek off Route #2, across from Louise WV. Established by Baptist Church in 1880's.

Oak Grove Allegheny Street Hill,(at the top) out of Follansbee, Established 1923

Kadesh Chapel 49 Hill Road out of Beech Bottom

In Bethany: 3 cemeteries... Campbell, New Cemetery and Old church cemetery.

Old Buffalo, 2 miles S/W of Independence PA just across the WV state line Established 1795

On Three Springs Drive area of Hancock /Brooke county boundary,(near the Wall Mart shopping mall) there is an early cemetery. People from Brooke Co buried there.

These are FAMILY cemeteries:

McGuire, near Highland Springs golf course. (Follansbee, Archer Heights)

McKim, on farm at Archer Heights, Near Follansbee.

Stansburg above Colliers

Doddridge North of residence at 7th and High St Wellsburg

Prather Duvall Heights, Wellsburg

Wiggins off Cross Creek road Route 3/7, 1/4 mile on the west side of Putney Ridge Road. SEE STORY about this cem.

McIntyre-Wilson 2 1/2 miles S/E of Wellsburg on Route 671 1/2 miles up McCord's Road on the McCord farm.

Jacob 1 mile East Wellsburg on Route 27 Genteel Ridge, off Washington Pike road

Jacob located on Dan Jacob property 1 mile east Wellsburg on Route 27, moved to Brooke Cem.

There are 2 county cemeteries on Taylor farm n/e of Wellsburg, on Northview Road, and on the Milliken Farm, Windsor Heights, there are no records of the burials in these cemeteries.

Wells located on Wells farm, Eldersville Road

Beall located on Gist farm, McAdoo Ridge Murchland located below Tent Lane off Tent Church Road.

Private family cem. near Castleman's Run, around 1797, near Bethany