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Churches in Brooke County…If you have names and records of other churches not listed here and would like to share them with us, please contact me by E Mail or the snail mail address on page one.

From: A History of the Colliers United Methodist Church.

The Colliers United Methodist Church found its beginnings in the year 1834 on a spot now owned by Ronald Thompson. The Thompson home is on the original foundation of that pioneer church. The huge stone wore thin by the many feet using it as a stepping stone into the church is till on the Thompson property.

Unfortunately, the church has preserved no authentic record from which we might gather data, but we do have a partial record from the Quarterly Conference Record books dating from 1868 to 1893. From these books we have obtained an insight into the life and work of the people in this vicinity and their connection with the church.

The very first record we have is a class enrollment book used at the Sycamore School dating back to 1835. The Circuit Rider in church was Reverend Wesley Smith.

The first edifice, affectionately referred to as "The Olde Chapel" was known at Conference as the Harmons Creek Chapel. It was so named for a Harmon Greathouse who settled on Harmon's Creek as early as 1771. The first Methodist Society in this area was held in the Greathouse home.

The Greathouse home was on a site near the old woolen factory. The Society was always formed first, then as the congregation grew in strength and numbers a church was built.

We would refer you to a book known as "Methodism in the Headwaters of the Ohio" by G.W. Smeltzer. In this volume, on page 49, among the list of preaching places in 1786-87 is listed "William Greathouse", Cross Creek District, Brooke County, opposite Steubenville, Ohio. On page 50 of the same volume is a map indicating the location of the Greathouse home.