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Aura and Chakra Info Site

Hi so glad you joined me. I hope you want to learn more about Auras and Chakras, because that is what we will be getting into, in the following discussion. We will examine various methods of Aura Photography, direct perception of the Human energy field, and much more.


Our goal, is to help you reconnect to your powerful essence.
I may not have met you personally, but I do want you to be able to
tune your energy field, to ease the way for achieving the goals in
your life. The information presented here, will help you steer your own course in life.
A study of the Aura is fine for entertainment, because of uncommen nature. However the real goal of studying the Aura is to find a way of controling your energy systems. Once you have control of your energy it's like the difference between seeing someone walking down the street normally and seeing James Bond walking with accompanying theme music. Control of the Aura is just a background to allow you to do the other things in your life well. Everyone has different goals, just as we each have a unique Aura. This is why there are various ways on the website to become familiar with and gain greater control of your Auric energies.

I have tried to serve the hard core researcher and the novice, (whew a big task).
Check back often to find what you need.
If you have any questions, I welcome your e-mail.



The Aura is an energy field, that surrounds all living things.
Comprised of magnetic energy this field is unique to each
individual. Humans are complex, dynamic, and constantly changing
beings. Each persons Aura, is unique, and changing.Because our Auras are in a constant state of flux important information can be gained as much by the way it changes as by the apearance of the Aura at any specific moment.

Chakras are points of greater energy
in your Aura, (more on Chakras).

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Since the beginning of time man has recognized the power
and importance of fire. Even today, we have all had the time when
we came inside from a cold rainy or snowy night to find the
comfort and warmth of the fire. Its no wonder the fireplace is a
favorite spot for people to linger and chat letting the warmth sink
deep into their bones, whether its friends at a ski resort, lovers in a
log cabin, or campers telling tall tales around the fire, the appeal is

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