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Wimmer Cemetery
Mercer County, WV 
Updated 08/25/06

Information for these pages supplied by Bob & Pauline Pruett.
This cemetery would have been lost to everyone in a few years if not for the efforts
of Bob, Pauline and the people who gave their time to help with this endeavor.
A very special Thank You to you all!

For more information, contact Bob & Pauline Pruett

Bob Pruett standing at the entrance of Cemetery about where gate is.

Following, his helpers, or clean-up crew along with Bob. {Pauline Pruett & Shirline Lilly}

This sign was made for the Wimmer Cemetery by Harry Croy.

{To enter Cemetery click on the gate above}
This shows the cemetery almost finished and the area where Bob, Shirline and Pauline were standing before clean-up.

A Special Find While Cleaning

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