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John Crockett Graham Cemetery
September 1, 2000

The cemetery is located between Max Meadows 
& Gunton Park  in Wythe Co, VA.

Information contributed by Linda Akers --

Name Birth Death
Graham, John Crockett
s/o JOhn & Mary Crockett Graham
h/o Mary Jane Bane
July 2, 1806 Jan 16, 1885
Graham, Mary Gwyn
d/o Wythe B. & Sarah J. Gwyn Graham
Oct 3, 1871 Oct 18, 1958
Graham, (Mary) Jane Bane
d/o James & Mary Henderson Bane
w/o John Crockett Graham
April 1, 1812 April 6, 1892
Graham, Virginia Gwyn July 17, 1845 March 10, 1922
Graham, Wythe Bane
s/o John C. & Mary Jane Bane Graham
h/o Sarah Jane Gwyn
Feb 21, 1840 March 12, 1912
Graham, Zebulon Vance
s/o Wythe B. & Sarah J. Gwyn Graham
August 10, 1874 Dec 28, 1919


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