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Welcome to the page that out does all others. Tau Kappa Epsilon is the biggest, baddest and best damn fraternity on the planet.

What TKE is.................

Tau Kappa Epsilon is the best fraternity on the earth. It doesn't judge people on their monetary worth, the color of their skin or their social character. It judges them solely on their personal worth and character. There are no barriers.

Congratuations to all new Spring 2000 brothers

Joe Halloway (Rush class president), Bucky Isabell, Chuck Caldwell, Curtis Auletta, Brandon Holley

Our Offices

Prytanis: Paul Owens, Epiprytanis: Chuck Kellam, Grammateus: Svend Thomas, Crysophylos: Jerry Holstien, Histor: Jason Sahley, Hypophetes: Jason Guerrero, Pyloretes: Dewey Taylor, Hegamon: Jason Bailey

Here are some pics of some of the WVSC Tekes