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Photo of Loscar Family in Germany

Photos from past reunions

The Loscar family can be traced back to Europe. The roots take us in the region of todays Slovenia. In 1870 it belonged to the empire of Austria - after the 1st World War there was a new state built called Yugoslavia. The Loscars came from a little village called is also called "Sagor" "Loke", or "Cemsenik," it all means the same thing. Most of the Loscars were minors or farmers, they were very poor so they emigrated to other countries thinking they could start a better life.

click on the small picture to view a large version of the photo.

This is the oldest picture that I have of the Loscar family, (sent to me by Josef Loscar). It shows my Great Grandfathers brother, Franz, his wife, Aloisia, and their sons, Josef, Felix, Franz, Martin, and Alois.

My Great Great Great Grandfather was Johann Loscar, born in Cemsenik June 20th, 1803. Johann married Maria dobcnik, and they had a son, Josef Loscar, born march 18th, 1830. Josef was my Great, Great, Grandfather. Josef married Agnes Pikel and they had 3 sons, Franz Loscar, born November 11th, 1859,(this is where the Loscar's in Germany's roots continue).

Josef Loscar, born, in 1870,(My Great Grandfather), and a third son whose name I do not know at this time. Franz stayed in Germany, but the other two sons migrated to the USA. They lived in Tucker county, West Virginia.

(click to see the Germany Family Line)
Joseph's Immigration papers
(Tombstome of Germany family)
(Cemetary that Josef is burried in)
(Josef's tombstone)
Josef Loscar & Frances Mittemeyer line
1903 photo of Josef, Frances, & 7 of their 11 children.

Josef my Great Grandfather, married Frances Mittermaier, and they had 11 children 1.) Josef Mittermaier b. 1889 d. 1918 (Francis' son) Click here to see his tombstone
2.) Johanna Loscar b. Apr. 17, 1892-Germany d. May 1976 US, (married George Belinc)
(Wedding Photo)
The Belinc Tree
(Click here to see George and Johanna's son, Martin, and his children)
3.) Ernest Loscar b. Jan. 6, 1907 - d. Dec. 25, 1991 US
4.) Martin Loscar b. Nov. 24, 1908 - d. May 30, 1996 US
5.) Elizabeth Loscar b. 1910, - d. 1993 US
6.) Helen Loscar (died at birth)
7.) Marie Loscar (Marie died in Vienna)
8.) Edward Loscar b. 1896 d. 1914 Germany
9.) Leopold b. 1902 d. 1907 (died around age 5
10.) Frank Loscar b. Jan 7, 1900 - d. Feb. 11, 1992 US..
(picture of Frank)
11.) John Loscar b. 1898, d. 1970. Married Olive Marie Wiles, John was my Grandfather.


Click small picture to see photo of my family

As I mentioned before, there were three Loscar brothers, Franz, Joseph, and ??. Joseph (my G.Grandfather), and one of the brothers came to the USA. I have record of Joseph, since he was my G.Grandfather, but I have no record of what happened to the other brother who came over with him. Below is a photo of Franz, and Josef Loscar...

Click Here to see a photo of Joe Belinc, Johanna's Grandson, and his family.

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