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This was taken at high school during senior year. Probaely alittle messed up due to having to shrink pic size.

Let's see, where should I begin. Well, I attend Davis and Elkins College in West Virgina, where I'm majoring in English. My life's ambition is to be an author and write lots of fantasy books with dragons, wizards, the works. As you can tell by looking at my picture that I resemble a gorillia. *chuckle* My hobbies are usually writing, playing muds, building on muds, playing video games, watching tv, or just sitting around. I'm a huge fan of japanese anime, especially Tenchi Muyo, The Slayers, Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon. My favorite characters in anime are Sasami/Tsunami, Washu, Mihoshi, Lita (sailor scout!), Lina, and Shampoo! Why? Cause they're all cool!

As far as muds go, I really never got into them until I started college. My friend Kenny, (Known as Ransack on edge), got me started playing. I remember the first day I was on the Edge of Darkness, I was attacking him with pitchforks *Evil Cackle* and that's the day I almost tried to attack Vashaka, thinking he was another player. After that I pretty much got hooked. Right now I consider myself a senior newbie on the edge with still alot to learn. After awhile, I had ambitions of creating on muds and a friend invited me to build for Darkstar. At first, I knew nothing about olc and all that. Eventually, I learned and thus continue to build there. Ok, I've talked about what I like, and haven't said really anything else. I'm a single guy, what can ya say!? For life after anime and muds, I'm working on getting my first novel published. Its kinda done, but needs reworked abit, which I'm doing. I just want to be to go into a bookstore someday and see my book among Piers Anthony and all the other great fantasy authors. I really love dragons and I like how they're portrayed in celtic mythology as protectors, rather then evil beasts. I'm a fan of greek and celtic mythology, as well as a civil war, and world war buff. There's alot you can learn in war history.

Recently, I came back to the Edge as Shampoo (after Shampoo from Ranma 1/2), so you might see me and you might not. On Darkstar I'm known as Tenchi Ironspire, Lord of the Seas.